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I drive a diesel truck and recently had lots done on the truck,
the radiator was replaced
the thermostat was replaced
the turbo was serviced
the boost pipes where replaced

On a hot day like today or when the vehicle is working uphill then the coolant pushes up into the reservoir not all the way to the top but a decent amount from the (max line)

The vehicle has been pressure tested and no problem on the system.

What is the acceptable amount for a diesel truck to push coolant into the reservoir on a hot day on long climbs....?
as I stated before truck seems is about to fire but it doesn't fuel pump shows 70 psi bran new spark plugs problem is first time garage told me 3 cylinders are misfiring truck has 90,ooo miles
replaced new spark plugs first time the truck show me a problem it has about 90,000 miles, fuel pump shows 70 pressure
I could hear the fuel pump turn on when I turned the key to on, but no ignition. Happened first time this morning
Has been driving fine and do regular oil change and maintenance. Have tried to find why the airbag light will not go out and nothing so far on it.
When I left off the gas to turn a corner or stop at the stop sign, my truckdies
the airbag light on my Isuzu Denver rodeo will not go out .is there any way of resetting it
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