Isuzu i350 Pickup Questions

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you have to wait about 30sec before the starter will reset and turn over the motor again. only in cold tempertures 40 and below.
My truck puffs out a cloud of blue/gray smoke at start up occasionaly. Leaking valves seems to be a common ailment with the i350/canyon/colorado trucks. doesn't happen all of the time so I'm not too worried yet but would like to plan afix one day. What the damage for this repair?
I notice when I have driven my truck and park in the afternoon for about an hour or so, on my next start up a brief thick cloud of smoke comes out. Smells like burned oil. This does not happen in the morning when its cool. only later after it has wamed up outside and the truck has already driven a bit.
I am only getting the highest speed which is 4. 1, 2, and 3 do not work.
This happens every time and is very annoying.
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