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Tod shows auto inthdiddle on th bottom flashing check

The light on dash flickered. Now my windows don't work, wipers don't work and is now stuck in 4wd. The 4wd indicator is not on but is in 4wd, any clue as to what is wrong?

The gear shift is stuck in park. Which fuse controls the shifter

I looking to purchase this automobile the seller said that it has a small oil leak. When I went to see it I could not see where the leak was coming from. Do you have any suggestions where it might be leaking at.

Engine run too rich and stall lost power relays

when start up ac cools then after short time ac lights flicker and engine hunts(up &down)

Got warm and no gears would catch at all.

Rebuilt transmission as of 6/2013

Everytime i turn my vehicle off the back air conditioner comes on. Then my batteries. Die what do i do?is it going to be alot of money or can i just take the fuse box out

. It occurs two or three times a day . Is it the neutral safety or ignition switch and where is part at ?

3.2 liter V6. Replaced tp sensor already, checked spark plugs.

Thanx for all you Do I got 2001 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2w/reduced power light replaced MAF sensor Throttle Body and Accelerator Pedal Sensor , still lit up! Help Cecil help thanx Chas

And where can i find a wiring schematic

I had these codes and was told it was a faulty CMP,installed new distributor,battery. Still have the same codes,

Le hice cambio de ecite y filtro y ahora no le entra la tercera velocidad

Below around wherw the water pump is.. And its as soon as pouring in.

Battery light, brake light, oil light, check engine light and reduced power light on. Battery won't hold a charge will only start when jumped but dies in a few seconds. Car won't go when gas pedal is pressed speedometer and odometer don't work. Please help!

Battery light oil light and brake light came on while driving car will only start with a jump but dies 10 secs later. Battery and starter are new

Loss of power car doesn't wanna go. Pulled in my drive way put the car in park pressed the gas and my gauges don't move. I just had my battery and starter replaced.

Best way to find out why not cooling,there was no noise from the pump prior also cause a inch and half crack in plastic top of radiator can this be repaired or will I have to replace it

The vehicle is leaking oil under the hood when it is running. Is this possibly something loose?

Please of anyone knows what this is or any suggestions please tell me....
Getting aggravating

I'll start it and seems ok I'm park but a few seconds after putting it in drive it will die. every time doesn't make it more than ten feet. All possibilities and sugestions would be great.

The clutch pedal shaft is floating on left end of shaft so the clutch master cylinder does not engage. Looks like a guide or bushing has come apart.

I need to no how to fix so it will start ...someone please help ...Thanks

It cranks but slow and the battery (+) cable gets hot

What i do next ?

Starts up when cold no prob. After its been driven and have to start it up any time after the initial start up it will start and shut off immediately. Have to pump the gas petal and sometimes it has to be done more then once to start again. Starter has been replaced new battery

In order to engage any exterior lights, the blackout button must be activated upon startup. The low beams still do not function. Speedometer, tachometer totally useless. All other gauges work intermittently.

It will start and when I put it on drive(D) it doesn't move .....only reverse works....