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I would like to know what are the fluid holders, and has any 1 had to change all of their fuses on this type of vehicle?
It will not stay running
I have an 1998 Isuzu Rodeo 3.2L 4WD. I recently replaced the radiator with a new one due to the old one splitting open along the top by the cap. I'm having problems where it wants to push the Anti-freeze out of the radiator into the overflow tank. I drive it with no known problems, I just can't go on long trips with out stopping to check it. It runs normal temp. I was told to bleed the air out of the system and i made numerous attempts at this, even put the front end up in the air and i get no bubbles coming out when bleeding it. I have hot air when i turn the heat on.
already replaced ignition misfire module,plugs i don't know what else to try, the mechanic shop already charged me 500 dollars and still NO answers, they said it was ignition module, replaced it,still doing the same
I got into my vehicle this morning the car felt like it wanted to cut off and the engine light was flashing. I drove only down about 4 blocks and turned around and came back home the light went off for a few seconds and then came back on flashing again. I've just had my starter replaced yesterday and was not having this problem before.
hold petal to floor rpms come up and runs good till you stop and start again boggs down
after starting vehicle, the low fuel indicator light, battery indicator light and brake indicator light on the dash stay on until about 3 miles of travel then go off? the AC will not turn on until indicator lights turn off?
I have a 2002 Isuzu that started acting like it is flooded and the cooling fan does not come on. We replaced the fuel pressure regulator, that did not solve the problem.
my waterpump is out and I just spent the last of my money to get a new one need to know how to do it and what tools
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