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How to add transmission fluid

how do i get abs light off and what do i replace next

Had thermastat replaced. Drove it for a 1 1/2 hr, took the temp of the water 163 degrees. Engine was just warm to the touch.

I turned a corner and it died on me. It starts right up but dies.

all electrical and busted fuse and relays are ok

Its a light on the dash board that comes on with a wheel frame an a wrench on it wat does it mean.

2004 Isuzu Ascender

No oil was in the antifreeze , I put more water in and it ran right out what looks like the bottom of the engine. Is there a freeze plug down there or something easy to fix ?

I travel over Donner Summit frequently and the weather conditions can get hairy!

starter will only work when the underhood relay is removed and hot wired.

I can start it and it will move but not drive. before not driving i was having problems with it stalling.

Does not respond to any of the controls for the AC or heater

I changed the battery and I get nothing, had a jumper that can start a semi and no lights or anything came on. Any idea of what else it could be that is not allowing any charge to get it started?

has poblem in drive positon but when shift into second gear itdrive.

I over hauled the engine and it would not start but it spun over once and then the motor lock up

There is white smoke coming out of my tailpipe smells of gas out of the tailpipe. The water overflow boils over with steam and water balls out now it's leaking oil out the oil filter quite a bit there was no water in all to begin with but there is now change the water pump fan clutch radiator top water hose and thermostat. Very rough start up won't stay running without keeping the foot a little on the gas pedal they all that laid out around the oil filter had no water mixed in it

The fluids leaks at the bottom of my car whenever the AC gets cut on why is that?

Feels like my clutch is slipping won't pull itself up a hill hydraulic clutch standard

but I was told the back window on a 2 door 2002 Izuzu Rodeo is 100% compatible do you know if this is true


I had the timing belt and water pump replaced at a shop. when I got it back it cranks but chokes out. I have to rev it up real high. then drive it for about 3 or 4 blocks.Then it restarts and runs fine all day.

I replaced my battery but did not know to attach negative first. sparks, then no sound. the head- lights stay on until battery disconnected. what did I ruin?

starter is the only thing that will work, no lights, no spark, no fuel pump, nothing

slows down, and starts sputtering like out of gas..pulled over turned off. then tried to drive but wouldnt go but like 5 mph. checked all my fluids and they are fine and it has gas in it...what could be the problem?

after it became real hard to turn. then the right font feel down to the tire.

I have a blown head gasket and I'm trying to use Bar's Leaks Head SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair to fix it

it occured after timing belt was replaced

When it is in drive it won't go but put in reverse it goes

Is there another fuel pump or fuel sensor somewhere? It runs fine as long as I don't let the RPM's get above 2000.

My truck is a 5 speed...

Please help ...

The check engine light came on on my 1999 Isuzu rodeo we went to auto zone and they read it with the scanner and it said the EGR valve so we replaced it and the check engine light is still on so we went back and it said the same thing so we replaced it again and still the light is on so we don't know what to do please give any suggestions on what we should do.