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This stalling problem has been happening allot. I have parked the car to figure out why. I had an oil change last week and had it inspected. I was told the left catalytic convertor was leaking and would need replacing soon. I have been looking at parts online and found 2.

One does not have an oxygen sensor port, this convertor would match my needs if I don't need the oxygen sensor port according to the autoparts store online. I would also have to buy the gaskets at $10 each. I just don't know if this car needs an oxygen sensor or not. The parts would be less than $200.

The second part has everything and is $262 for the part. My mechanic said he would replace the part for a shop hour at $99 plus tax.

Does the symptom of stalling out, going a short distance and stalling out again...sound like a catalytic convertor issue or something else?

Thank you,

Joy from Florida
car ran out of gas while moving. I was not exactly stopped when I inadvertently shifted to park. now it cranks over, there is fuel flow after the filter but no spark. HELP!!!
Parking lights go on by themselves and stay on for a few minutes, horn turns on by itself but will stop after a minute
and other electrical features such as interior lights don't work and the remote door opener doesn't operate. Anyone have
any idea what may be happening?
The starter and ignition fuse are both fine. i can feel the starter relay click when the key is turned. The starter will not turn over. I checked the power on the starter solenoid and it has power. with the car in run i can arch the solenoid and start the car definitely not ideal. the small wire on the solenoid does not have power. where else can i check i am at a loss.
running lights and parking lights stay on when light switch is on "off" position. Have to pull fuse from fuse compartment under the hood to keep battery from draining. Can hear selenoid switch clicking under hood ( by brake cylinder) when replacing fuse back in . Same fuse operates high beams.
At first my stereo would cut in and out on my speakers, I could only hear it on driver front. If I kind of pressed on the face plate of stereo and hold a little pressure on it with my finger, it would come back on for a second or so. Then sometimes if i hit a bump in road it would just shut off, and i would just have to push power button again. Then it stopped powering on even when my antena was up, now i get nothing at all, no antena goes up either, i already checked all my fuses.What is the problem please?
If abs automatically shuts power off to the actuator when its malfunctioning, why do I hear something buzzing or like a motor running when my keys are out of my ignition? My batter keeps going dead because of it and I have to keep taking my battery cables off everytime just so I dont have dead battery. How do i fix this problem?
Had a bad balancer needed to find out how much it cost to replce on,mechanics fee of course,i know its about a hundred for the part
My battery was stolen. The car ran fine before then. Now the car won't fire. I don't know what could be wrong.
My battery was stolen. I had a battery put in it. Now everything power inside the car will not work. The heater fan that did not work before works now. That is the only thing. I would appreciate the help.
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