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Trouble cranking but it eventually got started. After my ABS light and seat belt light came on and i had my seatbelt on. When the lights came on it caused my radio to loose sound but even still my car was running fine. No jerks good no stalls nothing. Now today everything turns on in my car but it wont turn over. It has a rapid click when i try to start it.
When I apply the breaks the radio cuts off the speedometer drops to 0 the lights dim and the abs light comes on and resently its caused the car to stall and has drained the battery is this due toa short and where do I start to find it ?
Was told it is the mass air flow sensor would that stop me from acceleration?
I lost the keys to my 1996 Infiniti J30, and am being asked for the key code in order to make a replacement key for it. I looked in the owners manual and there is no key code written in there, all it says is that the code is written on a "key plate" that would have been given with the original set of keys, & to keep said plate in a safe place. Seeing as it had been almost 20 years and I'm not the original owner, I do not have access to this supposed "key plate". Is there another way to find this key code for my car?
car has been running fine until yesterday. I stopped to clean the car out & when I got in to leave the car wouldn't crank. It started making a clicking noise in the dash area that was something new to me because it has never done it before & the headlights started flashing. The lights in the inside all come on but when I turn the ignition to start the car out sayings nothing. Can someone please advise me on what I should do!
do i put it in the container on the left of the engine or do i put it into the radiator?????
For a second consecutive time the water pump has broken just after being replaced. It was a new one.
put key i n try to start all lights and stuff come on but will not start good battery good alternator new water pump fully gassed up.
now my car isn't starting all the way a friend of mine told us to leave the key on for a minute so that the gas can get into the filter but we done that nothing is happening, can't even give it any gas when starting it up..WHAT CAN I DO?
She parked it the other day and now it won't start. The battery has been giving her trouble because the interior lights are repeatedly left on :-<. When the key is inserted and turned to on, the fuel pump comes on and after a few seconds shuts off. The car turns over strong. I tried spraying starting fluid at the air filter, and it does not fire. She said she saw an AT light on the cluster and that she thinks it is Anti Theft.
Any thoughts?
Where or what website is the best place to find headlight assembly, fan assembly, and a hood. I believe I need a radiator brace also front bumper and grille. I had a front end accident and just having a little trouble finding parts.
I smelled some gas under the hood.I changed the spark plugs.
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