Infiniti J30 Questions

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Recently stolen but got it back . they hit the curb with the rear tire. Fuel pump cut off switch or anti theft syste??
Okay so my 95 Infiniti J30 won't stay running unless I keep my foot on the pedal then when it does sometimes it cuts off it has done this for about 6 times for 2 months now
I've been driving the car for 2 or more years now I do my best to keep it maintained but I can't figure this out and don't have the money to take it to the shop.. so is this a sensor or my transmission? I checked all my fuses and I have transmission fluid in my car.
Fixed exhaust leaks in manifold pipes, but ticking is loud and worse under car. Very pronounced at idle. Revving engine seems to smooth the noise even with slight increase to rpms. Acceleration is strong but the cabin noise is more like a big truck has that feel like its all engine shaking down the car. Could a cracked exhaust manifold be the issue?
It all started with my dash lights not working and like a week later my car will start for like 1 sec then it will cut off ... As soon as I start I would press the gas and it was stay on until I let go of the gas
First time it happened, has a buzzing sound behind center of dash board
How do i bleed the system
Car will drive 10 feet then no longer shift.
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