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Once in a while (happened 5-6 times in last 12 months) while driving, transmission slides to the neutral or 1st gear (I think), rpm increases but the car doesn’t accelerate (the transmission revs up rather than up shifting). I can’t go above 20 mph without my RPMs going out of control. When I manually put in the second gear, it doesn’t work either.
I have noticed that this has happened when the outside temperature was 80ºF or higher. It has never happened in the winter months.
When I stop the car for 20-25 minutes and start again it runs fine.

when driving at a low speed you hear noises from the tires can't tell if it's from the front or the rear. At a lower speed with foot off the gas. Rolling down hill you hear it louder. It almost sounds like something from the hubcaps but there's nothing in them.

I have a 6-changer CD player. I have only ever loaded one CD at a time. It might play for a few minutes and then stops or skips. Doesn't Bose system have a lifetime warranty? If not any fixes?

My check engine light came on and showed a code for a vac. leak. My mechanic took off the engine cover found the hose that was leaking, replaced it. Ever since this repair, there is a loud whistle type of noise coming from the engine area when I step on the accelerator....when at steady speed there is no whistle. HELP-PLEASE anyone know what's causing this noise>

P1212 , p0500, p0300, p1800, u1001,p1574 ascd, p0057 h0252

There is a high vibration and sound motorized stand when more pressure on the brakes and when transport or change to N

My car's AT Check light flashes exactly 16 times when restarting it after running at highway speeds. There are no other lights, stored codes, or problems with drivability other than somewhat clunky shifts in the lower gears. The car has 150,000+ miles on it and the fluid/screen has been replaced with OEM materials. Does this sound like possible sensor/solenoid issues and do the flashing lights 16x indicate a specific tranny code? I've been able to do most of the repairs DIY since the dealership is beyond my current budget. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

found water under rug,in the front passenger side.The A/C drain is not clogged and I blew air in the sunroof drains.Is there a fix or recall on car? Thank you.

what can I do to fix my problem with my car I ALREADY CHANGE THE WATER PUMP AND THE THERMOSTAT ?

Had the speedometer sensor changed and now the automatic transmission wont shift through the gears

First my break lights and battery lights turned on...then my car stopped working with full raise all of a sudden...with my engine still on...

the car stalls if i don't warm it up first. i also got a Po340 code.

car shut off and will not start,found eccs fuse 1 blown, replaced fuse and blows as soon as I try to start engine,does not run

First my o2 sensor and 5th cylinder misfire was showing I changed the plugs and still had the problem took it back and it is showing random misfire and 4 other codes one is my o2 sensor n the others r sensors I have the other codes if needed plz help

I got in my car and noticed a electrial smell no smoke. I drove to work everything was running fine. Tried all the accessories everything worked. The smell was stronges down on the floor by the pedals. Any idea on what can cause this and is this a serious problem

I changed out the trans oil and still does the same thing..Only if I drive an easy take off the gears are more smooth but still whines all the time.

Jan 2011- replace alternator. April 2012 Car starts stalling while driving, got codes checked and replaced bad O2 sensors. Car still stalls while driving (battery and brake lights flickering). Had alternator replaced(04/12) car seemed to be okay until August 2012, battery/brake lights flicker car loses power. Replace battery- car starts but it doesn't fix problem. Take car to guy that works on electrical components only- says alternator is fine. Runs car all day (sitting in shop) air conditioning, lights on, etc..says alternator is charging/running correct amps (whatever its supposed to do) I pick up and you guessed it- on way home lights start to flicker again. (I'm out of $$)So... Car sits from August to May 2013. Put charged battery into car, starts like a champ- get car to shop. They call me and it needs a new alternator. Well, seems to me that something is making the alternator keep going bad. I think that they think I am being super paranoid but I think it's more than I just got a "bad" alternator, I know that happens but why would alternator guy say my alternator is ok but after I drive it, then it gives me the loss of power and flickering brake and battery light? I just want my car fixed!!!!! Any help is appreciated!!!

my car won't come out of park I thought that the brake light in te back glass is causing this but I any get to the bulb