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1999 Nissan Sentra with a 99 Infiniti G20 motor, ran fine yesterday. It rained last night and now it will crank but not start. Pulled plug and ground it to engine block and cranked, but no spark. Cap and rotor are clean and dry. Tried roll starting it down the hill and no luck. Any suggestions?
have bought more than one new battery. would a ground be makeing my battery lose charge.
I've replaced thermostat made sure it was full onn antifreeze checked fuses and the radiatotor fans still won't kick on when it get to temp
Non lsd after trans swap and install i only have reverse but there is no grinding or hard shift any idea on whati can do to get her into drive again. Can i take the old shift solenoids out of my blown trans? Im stuck but i love this car!
When my 96 g20 is cold and I back out of the garage I have my foot lightly on the brake all of a sudden I feel a clunk that comes thru the brake pedal. It feels like when your ABS are activated during hard braking.
Hi I have a1993infinty g20 2.0 motor car has 98000 mile car has new cap rotor spark plugs wires and fuel filter no ck engine light on originall fuel pump me hint told me to change tps sensor but didn't help any clues what to do next the car is really clean and owner took care of it
Hello the air in my car is working fine, however when I change from air to heat the heat will not kick-in. I heard there is a door needing to be closed. How do I do this?

and my oil smells like gas too

My car started to overheat last week because I hadn't checked the coolant level in a while. I went ahead and filled the radiator and reservoir up per the instructions... I'm out driving on a cool morning (about 60 degrees Fahrenheit and foggy) today and the engine started smoking (again) and the temperature needle went WAY high.

Assuming nothing's leaking and that the proportion of coolant to water is correct (I'd have bought it mixed, but someone in the house was paranoid that our indoor cat would get into it somehow... don't ask... the only "pet safe" stuff I could find required dilution), what else could be going on and what might repairing it cost??
The ac and heat work fine but I can't change where it blows out at. So it will not switch so I can have defrost. It worked when I first got car and I pushed the defrost button on the controller and it stopped switching. It only blows out the dash vent. I bought a new controller and still doesn't work
I have an 02 infiniti g20 my dashboard isn't well lit and lately the speedometer light won't come on. The right side of the dashboard has light (the rpm) but the left side (speedometer) doesn't have light. The radio and ac lights and all the other lights are fine. Any inputs please?
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