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As I was driving home I noticed my dash-board lights & gear shift lights are out. the clock glows but is blank. the seatbelt light comes on & the lights when you start the car (oil,etc) But again No Dashboard or Gear shift lights working. Any ideas to help me please>
Car died stoped wanting to shift into gear abs light was on airbag light came on as well
I have changed my alternator, starter, battery twice in last 8 months, the car will start fine for about a a month or so then same problem, drive car somewhere come back out no start, let the car sit for a while or maybe overnight . And starts fine, drive it somewhere no start
Noticed loss of power ((2) days while trying to increase car speed driving in traffic. Fluid levels are fine. Has auto transmission.Running hotter than normal. Owned auto for 15 yrs & has 181K miles.Too old for codes.Running hotter than normal.
Previous I changed blowers and it wouldn't adjust the fan, on high all the time!
I have it jacked up on stands and i go from park to reverse and it engages and locks up put in neutral and spins like in drive shift into first and tranny locks up any ideas
When I turn the key, nothing turns on. What could be wrong. We just replaced the starter. I was thinking it could be the key ignition because it has been getting stuck lately, and maybe it broke.
I was stopped at light.. When it was my turn to go.. I accelerated, but my car would not go faster than 5-10 mph.. There was no engine racing or noises and all gages read normal.... Gas pedal also felt firm, but even though I had it pressed to the ground, my speed was only 5 or so... And I tried reverse and it was the same.. No slipping transmission noises or racing rpm's... Just only accelerated to 5+ Mph. ..?
Reverse , first and second gear work fine..but going into 3rd and 4th gear slips and doesn't go into gear
My break light, and battery light either stays on or flashes
When flashing it dimming my headlights. The occasionally my ABS brake light comes on
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