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Installed a rebuilt AC compressor pulled vacuum filled up with freon had ice cold AC for about an hour then it made a squeal and started blowing warm when the AC is on the clutch moves but when it's off it moves sometimes and sometimes not there is still freon in my account and it still has pressure but it's not blowing cold and no leaks is something not connected right or did I get sent a bad compressor
i have a 96 infinity G20 model 4D . has a penut buttery color on the oil stick . timing belt sounds like it needs to be replaced , oil change & tune up . how much to an estimate , do you think i will be spending to replace these items ? or how much should i sale it for ?
It's a 1995 infiniti g20 t
The car also idles low when the light flashes.. Head light dim at the time also.. But car runs fine. Can some one please help me out by letting me know what could be causing this.
Absolutely nothing electrical is working. Battery checked and is fine. Tried cleaning the terminals as there was corrosion, put them back on and it worked. Half an hour later car won't work again. Checked the battery again, it has full charge. The first time I tried turning it on everything flashed and then the car went dead. No lights, radio, dash lights, or ignition. Also if it helps it has a 1996 Infiniti g20 engine in a 1995 body. Almost everything other than the engine and alternator are 1995.
My battery is new, I has the alternator checked and it was fine. New front brakes.
I'm looking for spare parts and want to know which years to scavenge.
The dashboard light is quite dim.What is the reason for this? How can this issue be resolved?
i was just wondering if it can fit my g20 because they have the same shape and everything so can you please help me i don't want to purchase some and end up not fitting my car
Have taken off crossbar , exhaust pipe and all bolts about 25 or so , bottom of engine case is sepe rating on 1 side , but will not come off , what have I missed , thanks , trying to replace rods that have seized engine , thanks
It rides straight but as im gaining speed my steering wheel starts turning right but the car still moves foward in a straight line until I shift from 3rd to 4th. Once im in 4th, the wheel snatches back straight and thats it til I come to a stop and it does it all over again. Do you think its a bal ljoint or what?
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