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How long have you had this problem? A few days
My key closes the doors and activates the alarms but he ignition switch fashioned back to nowhere
Every morning going to work over heat no leaks I check pressure
What if a plastic piece of air freshener goes inside the AC vent?
My controls on my steering wheel does not work nor does my horn. Can you tell me what could be the problem please
When you put the gear on neutral and you ush the gaz will the rpm reach the top or there is a cut off that will stop the gaz?
But it doesn't crank all the power seems to be lost and I repeat the process of moving the cables and power comes back on then as soon as I try starting the car it does nothing.
seat will not slide back and forthh
It has had a kind of noisy and hard shifting transmission since I got it. It will go in the third and overdrive gear just fine once you hit highway speed but it won't go into the lowest gears when you start off or reverse and it acts like you're holding the brake.
The clunk noises can be heard when going over any size bump or crack on the ground , it's like a clunk ,thump, almost pop noise in the front. The creeking sound I hear it in the rear from inside the cabin sometimes can't seem to figure out what it is. Also when I drive over 50 mph my car starts to shake a bit and the steering wheel also. When I slow down the shaking is light but noticeable .
my friend used an impact drill to unplug and plug the drain plug and now it leaks from around the area of the drain plug.
My 2000 and2 Q for crying but don't start the security light stay on I try to run the car with two keys the regional one and the spare
The battery is bad maybe that's the problem ?
I just had my G37 2009 rear calipers , rotors and pads replaced because the dealer said they were seized in the open position. After several thousand dollars of repairs costs, I drove home last night and the emergency brake is not grabbing tightly enough to stop the car from rolling down my driveway. They claim its a totally separate problem and want me to pay for the adjustment - is that correct or is it a result of them doing all this break work?
The fuel door is suposed to be locked when the car is locked but mine doesnt do that is unlock all the time... I can see the pin the locks the door moving when I unlock or lock the car but it never comes out completely...
Everything else on the monitor operates.
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