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I have heard it is a sensor. What can be done to buffer it?

Was this part of a recall?

We need to find a modulator for fuel pump

2003 coupe g35 mt, starts and idles but after a min. Dies, everything on the combo meter stays on. Used a scanner, i got these codes p1212, p1610, p1612, u1001. Any info is appreciated

Crank by door

If I start the car it may work if it is working I can't turn the car off. If I do turn the car off & then right back on the radio won't come back on. Any suggestions or if anyone can relate please help

I have an infinity i30. My service light comes on and off all the time. I'm in a smog check zone and I can't pass smog with this on. How does knock sensors affect my smog check?

Now I am told fuel pump is burning out the starter relay. Car still drives but sporidaclly will take awhile starting up. Please advise. Now trying spend money for a fuel pump and don't really need it

J30 with a v6

Will crank and run but dosent run for long check engine light goes on and off stalls up hill you can hear a popping noise around the air box when hitting the accelerator I replaced the cattalic converters the first sign of trouble was the car running slugish and the exhaust was glowing red

Will not stay cranked dies out when hitting accelerator acts like transmission is not shifting correctly sluggish going up hill when the problem started the exhaust was glowing red hot

I got a new fuel pump put in my car , my car started but it eventually went dead

Car was running fine, I start my car up this morning and I see TC light come on after about 5 min the AT light pops up

cars still working well atm but would like an idea re: service mileposts

Could it be the variable blower control module?
Blend door actuator?

There's a ticking sound from my engine when I turn on the car and the a/c isn't very cold

need to rev up the engine to red line to get car to move.
is this a transmission issue?

It only happens when the car is on and only when it's on fresh air and not a/c.

I had a breathalyzer installed after my first service a couple hours later my brake and battery light came on. The next night the car completely died. Lost the alternator belt. Had car repaired and breathalyzer reset a few hours after reset I lost the whole dashboard and car started jerking on acceleration. Got a code to change the ignition meter fuse did that​ a few days later while driving I lose my dashboard again. Than I had the alternator and battery checked​ working just fine. In this process I have lost my alarm sounds changing the meter fuse several times during driving and the car jerks? Please help!!

My compressor on my ac been replace and the blower and still not working

my car cuts out like its not getting gas especcially when you go from park to drive and dies

Sounds like something is loose inside steering wheel and horn wont stop

move key and that time press the gas then car start, no gas presser no start?

Replaced fuel pump, filter and relay. Checked distributor but plugs are getting spark.

Is there something wrong with the fuses maybe

I had a front end accident and now the truck shakes when I start it and when im driving.I had to replace hood,bumper,radiantor, support bar, etc..

I've gotten the cam and crank sensors replaced. I also bought a new alternator. Its still cutting off. I was in the interstate driving about 55 and the car just shut off. I was waiting and the light and no reason the car shut off. It will crank again but I had to sit for over an hr. Please help!!

Woke up to dead battery rear brake lights wont go out please help

The tcm broke where the solenoid plugs in . It's a common problem . I found a 2004 re505r transmission. Will the tcm out of it work in the 05 re505r transmission . Or is it vehicle specific .

Car is not blow hot air and I think that happen went I use a/