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Not hearing any serious weardown but occasionally it does roughly grind loud and hard then it stops and will be fine for few days.
AC stopped suddenly. Fuse an Relay good. Cannot find the compressor, expansion valve, condenser fan or belt drive.
Car shifts erratic in all gears changed both sensors and still does it will a transmission flush work or is the a filter I can change in transmission. Thanks
What should be the cost of this repair.
I don’t want to get over charged for the repair if I take it to a shop.
I need to replace the throw out baring/ clutch slave cylinder.
my 2010 Hyundai will start for weeks then won't even try. I've replaced battery, and the starter sencer. what should I try next.
Air conditioner is not throwing cold air
Runs slow and now wont start
the fan has stopped working and blowing for the ac, defrost and heat
does the 2016 Tucson have an emission pump; there is a noise coming front the right side in the engine compartment at slow speeds/driving slow 15-20mph and sometimes idling. There is no noise at higher speeds 30-60mph. other than that there is no major problems with the car/vehicle
I have a 2006 hyundai elantra, recently the battery was drained by a door that was not completely closed. jumpstart would not do more than a moment of power, then everything died maybe 3-5 seconds. charged the battery with new battery charger with error modes that keep you from connecting the leads wrong. charged battery to 90% got the vehicle to run, but only tested for 5 miles, after that the interior lights began to dim so i went home and parked. figured the issue was the alternator - removed the alternator, had it tested at autozone which said it tested good 3 times, so I took them the battery, they charged it and said the battery tested fine. I gave up, took it to a shop which said the alternator was bad (only producing 11.3 amps) so I replaced the alternator. so with a new alternator and a battery holding a charge, I took the car for a spin... charging system seems fine now. but the clock doesn't work, the radio doesnt work and the a/c wont turn on... wipers work, cant tel
when car is moving between 50 - 60 and i step on the brakes, it vibrates with some noise.
How much oil do I need to add after changing cobdensor coil?
It showed on the screen on but no sound
while turning right slightly, my Hyundai elantra makes a light grinding sound. If I turn it less or further it goes away
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