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I also noticed the abs or some letters come on every once in awhile. Is this my breaks the new red light with x through lightbulb is coming on every time i put bteak on with foot. Just started last night 2-19-2016

Climate control does not function while beeping is going on. Seems to be more and more frequent. Works fine after beeping stops.

Checked fuses and dimmer switch but still cant find the problem. Any suggestions?

having problems with a fuse under the bonnet it's a ign sw-01 (pink fuse with 30 written on it) the fuse keeps blowing every time I replace it and leave it then go to start it clicks the. Won't start my Hyundai 2003 grandeur xg ??????

We changed the fuse twice, and it's all just the 4 windows doesn't even make a clicking noise, my sun roof workday fine it's just all my windows? Any one know what it might be ?

I had a mechanic tighten up the wires underneath in the back of car and it dies every four days. So I took to a shop and they can't find the wires in they back they think it is either battery or my key since my key isn't the original its a copy. Help

frequently washed for salt. has about 62000 miles. Thanks

car starts but acts like battery is dead but starts when driving for awhile battery acts like its not charging when i turn car off it makes a clicking noise for awhile

To turn off the check engine light, I need a part.

I can't find the headlamp adjustment.

This is a known problem with some Hyundai's, where the filter in the fuel fill tube clogs(?). I want to find the replacement part, but I don't have the service manual.

If it sits for a day or 2 its dead .throwing out 15 amp.

It has been starting up fine could it be the fusses or the anti theift unit please help

I'm just look for what it may cost to replace both rear backing plates. I'd also like to know what replacing them would entail. I mean what would have to be taken off and whatnot.

I have a 2004 Hyundai xg350 with a check engine light on with the code p0431. please tell me what that means

I have no power when I am going 60 miles an hour my rpms read only 1 rpm going up a hill I hardly make it up and when it is idling the rpm needle bounces up and down I replace the cytalic converter and it is still the same no power I need some help.

today it stoped and would not restart, what do you think is wrong

today while driving it stoped and would not start up. I let it set at home for 2 days, went out to start it and it ran

it is still misfiring on 2,4,6

The car just shut off while sitting at a light. It was difficult to get it put back in park. Once we did and turned the car back on it seemed to run fine. What would cause it to do that??