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Car is usually driven regularly. It was parked in driveway for about 10 days.It ran fine when it was parked. Now the engine turns over but it won't start or even hit a lick.

I Have a 2001 xg300 with 70,000 miles.Recently the brake, battery, TCS, and ABS lights are coming on, but only when it gets dark.Car doesn't stall, or seem sluggish? Bad fuses maybe

The car jerks when I first start out from a stop light or when I have stopped & and I push on the accelerator. And the check engine light comes on, then it goes off for a while, then comes back on again. Checked that out & has something to do with Bank A is running to lean. What the hell does that mean?

The ignition is on the dashboard and I can't get it out

Cleaned MAF sensor, Drove for 200 miles w/ no problems. Went back into limp home mode next day. Shop replaced MAF sensor, throttle body, throttle position sensor, now its worse. Instead of limp home mode, starts then shuts off. Was showing codes for MAF sensor and transmission. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

the blower motor connection has no juice at all. the red wire to the relay is hot, the purple wire has no juice. relay isn't being activated.

My alternator had been overcharging my battery for an hour and a half, when I stopped and waited an hr I started the car and removed my negative cable all the lights, dash,headlights,a/c, flashed and car shutoff and I reconnected the negative and put a meter on the battery tested 12.6 , pulled and replace the 120A fusible link on + cable and the 30A start fuse in the fuse box in engine compartment .all other fuses tested good. And still nothing when I turn the key???


Meu carro teve um problema com a instalação do motor fios partidos agora não pega queima sempre a bomba de gasolina a placa EMC e aquece as bobines das velas como resolver?

P0715-says it's transmission input speed sensor error. What does that mean I can do? To fix. Also the other code p1159 . Variable intake motor malfunction. What are they. Thank you

popping and wont start. need to check timing marks. help!

bought an idle control sensor, still won't run right. I set it over one way it idles too high but accelerates, set idle normal and only accelerates to 2000 rpm. why?

I have taken off the first face but do not want to damage the puley.

125K mileage

How do you reset the Check Engine Light afterwards?

my car have hard time shifting out to 3rd occassionally,so i had trnsmission flushed and refilled.That didnt fix my problem,i can drive it for @3 days and it drives fine then it will do it again not shifting and if i keep pressing gas the rpm hand rises up to about 4 and jerks into gear.

How much would it cost to replace?

whistling noise occur when i step on the gas pedal, also my rpms dont go very high. theres hesitation with power. email

Changing plugs and wires on 2001 Hyundai XG300 my grandson bought. Not sure wires were connected properly when he purchased the car. Did not run worth a darn.
What is the cylinder layout? Which coil does each wire from rear cylinders connect to?

when fueling car takes gas very slow and shuts pump off

im having trouble accellerating it feels like it's not shifting when i want to pick up speed i took it to the shop and they changed the coil pack and the coolant sensor after putting it on the dia machine i drove it and the same problem still exist? please help!

My 2001 Hyundai XG 300 immediately after a tune up runs rough and cel is on so i had it scanned it had a random multi missfire fault,egr valve insuffient flow and the car stalls and cuts off at stop light sometimes now but it didnt do any of this before the tune up these are all the new parts that have been put on new bosch platinum plugs,plug wires,air filter,Egr valve,New timing belt,idler pulley,tensioner,new serpentine belt,new PCV valve and new crank sensor. I just recently seen on another site that i cant use bosch plugs is that true could that be the problem?i can just use NGK or Champion plugs please confirm

I had a KN Airfilter installed in Dec10 after throttle body was cleaned & oil was changed. Got quick code due to a lose hose - then Feb11 - get po172 code. Getting GREAT gas mileage and no other noticable problems - can the KN filter contribute to this code? Recommendations?

I replaced the crankshaft dampener pulley and now the car wont start. It acts like it jumped time but what does the balancer have to do with the timing?

How do I change injectors myself? What is the process?

I have a 2001 Hyundai XG 300 and yesterday it decided not to start up.It sounds like its trying but it doesnt.This is all the work i have recently had done to it.I have had new EGR valve,Timing Belt and tensioners,new drivebelts,Spark Plugs and Wires,Crank Sensor, and a new air filter.These are the scan codes i have and its 10 total they are P0401,P1159,P1632,P1151,P1191,P1193,P0300,P0306,P0304,and P0302.Sometimes my car rpms would drop and then rev up on its own and it doesnt seem to have power at times no acceleration.and one night i punched my stock radio while i was driving at night time and my whole car cut off but started back up but thats not suppose to happen

suspect coil is 1 of 3 can coil be tested off the car with ohm meter. and is this a good way to tell if coil is bad ?thanks for any reply....

Number 1 cylinder misfire, changed spark plug with no change to problem, need to know how to test coil

how do you set the timing on a hyumdaii xg300