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When I accelerate to 45-50 then let off the gas, a loud flapping/rattling noise comes from the rear. The bearings were just replaced. What is it ?
this be because i have a died or low battery
I purchased an 03 Tiburon from a guy and he thinks it had a blown head gasket, it wont turn over, so instead of trying to trace eveything and find out what the problem is, I decided to order a replacement engine from ebay with less miles. Is tjere a way to adjust the odometer to reflect the new engine's miles
I have been having issues with the Dual Mass Flywheel currently in the vehicle i.e. clutches constantly going out, so I am currently looking for quotes on a Single Mass Flywheel kit and clutch replacement.
All other lights work.
Could the brake switch be bad!
So a few months back I had a overheating problem, which was a leak in my hose. I replaced all hoses. My radiator was also replaced a few months prior to that. I also re did all spark plugs, replaced wheel bearings, hub assembly's for the front, tie rods, and end links. Then I started to get a backfire. It doesnt do it when the car is cold. It's not consistent. But it does do it when I am at a stand still in park or traffic, and sometimes when accelerating. I am not running any codes.
replaced the cluster with a newer one and still speedometer or any other gauges
My wife drives a 04 Tiburon, the transmission fluid needs to be changed and all I need to know is can I use Castrol import fluid or do I have to buy the fluid from the dealer at $20 a quart? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thx
Cold or hot it cranked easy but now for a week its hard to start,is it the plugs?
It will kill the engine but the key won't come out unless battery is disconnected
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