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Do you think I need to replace my timing belt on my 2004 tiburon V6 with 70,000 miles. It is a car that has been a trip car for us. 90% of it's miles are interstate. It has always been garaged.

unplugged my maf sensor due to problems. ran with unplugged for 2 weeks, get off work, crank car and its all of a sudden quiter and my gitiup and go is gone. ive replaced maf sensor and bank 1 sensor 1 o2 sensor. im now being told it could be one of the catalytic converters

i took out my Kenwood stereo and installed a Kenwood DX371 display, but for some reason my dashboard lights won't turn on or the center console lights.

My 2003 hyundai tiburon interior is all screwed up. My dome lights do not work my clock doesn't save memory and my radio doesn't either. I really want to fix it anyone that has any ideas on what is wrong with it email me at

when you turn the key all lights appear on but when you try starting it, it just clicks and will not start. i replaced battery and still same thing, i heard it might be a fuel problem because it died when my husband was driving it home. any suggestions please help.

I have replaced several sensors, coil, alternator battery. My car misfires when cold, the rpms jump and it almost stalls when accelerating. Now the lights dim and the battery light come on. The alternator was tested and was good. This is driving me crazy. I would appreciate any input. Bcm? I tried another ecm and that didn't fix the issue.

In spite of replacing all O2 sensors and not having any check engine light on my Tiburon is still testing "not ready"

I'm driving along on the highway, I go to accelerate and my cars bogs out, completely stops at 4k rpms, can't push any further past it, I let off the gas, at this point my motor sounds like a go-cart engine, I push the gas again same problem...a test shows my oxygen sensors malfunctioning, cylinders 1,3, and 5 misfiring and a random misfire, what could cause all of 1 side to misfire?

when holding speed 40,50,60 mph car surges and jolts like its starving for gas. I've replaced plugs, wires, coil, fuel filter, mass air flow sensor and injectors. Still nothing. Any ideas?

why can't I get fuel to my fuel injectors so I can crank my car

Drove into low spot and motor cut off and wouldn't start will I loose my car

I used to have p0301 cylinder 1 misfire detected, p0300 random/multiple cylinder misfire detected, p0303 cylinder 3 misfire detected. Plus loss of power when engine is warmed up, can't go faster then 40 miles.

After I put in new spark plugs and aftermarkets wires, p0301 cylinder 1 misfire detected and p0300 random/multiple cylinder misfire detected disappeared.

Engine light still on and I still have p0303 cylinder 3 misfire detected and still (loss of power)no power.

I hope I did explain it good.

And thank you for your help.

I have a manual transmission and my gears won't shift into second...I go from first gear to third.

Unfortunately, I messed up my own car. While fishing a wire through the firewall for stereo equipment my fish wire caught on some small orange wires in the wire harness. One particularly was pulled pretty hard. I want to know where these wires run to and from in order to fix and trouble shoot it properly.
It has caused the car to hold an idle of 3000rpm when I stop or slow down making it impossible to gear down. The idle returns to normal with a quick half pump on the accelerator.

what do i need to check?

After cleaning the maf sensor with CRC maf sensor cleaner, the CE light is OFF, but car still runs rough. Would replacing the maf sensor be the next step? Any help is very much appreciated, thank you!

If you turn it off for awhile (could be 2 minutes could be 1 hour) then turn it back on it blows cold. It does not seem to need a charge.
Someone told me it could be a sensor that is in the dash- what do you think

I have checked all the fuses and relays and it still wont crank the fuel pump is on but it still acts like its not gettinh fuel wat could be the problem and do yall have a wiring diagram to the engine wires

Leaking under thermostat. Pooring out of black hose that is used for heat protection. Can I cut that? is there an easier place to disconnect the hose?

I have a motor with 15xxx on it new battery and alternator. Starter is only a year old. This is the 5th alternator and 3rd battery. I have checked the wiring harness and have found no breaks anywhere. My battery keeps dying every 3 days or so after a full charge. I do have a system in the car but the battery i had before this new one handled it fine never had issues like this. The dash and headlights dim lower higher when accelorating and the heat guage bounces up and down well i drive. But the heat stays the same temp. Something in the car is draining and I can't figure it out.

Also I can't seem to find any ground wires on the motor itself. If I'm right there should be one from top of motor to frame. Transmission to wiring harness and one from bottom of motor to firewall. Would not having these wires on there cause any of these problems?
Any answers would help.

I try to put it in drive and it says neutral and won't go into drive

I slide it down to drive and it say neutral still

The car starts and don't when it want too, do i need a starter are what?

I found a tiburon for sale but the guy told me his engine light was on and found out it was the cam sensor so he replaced it. then said the next day it came back on. is it worth buying or could there be bigger problems now because of that?

My brother tried to switch out my battery and he flipped it. So now my radio, heat, sunroof and roof lights don't work my dad checked the fuse by the steering wheel and the fuses by the battery. The fuse that connects to the positive side is blown but when he tries to bipass the fuse the stuff still won't turn on. Any ideas?

car stalls and then use to restart but wont start now. i thought it was the fuel pump so i replaced it but. after replacing i pulled a wire off of each coil pack one at a time and there is no spark. what should i do and how can i fix

All belts are in good shape but my steering is hard to turn an the sound is terrible, a person told me my power steer. Pump needs to be replaced, is that it? Happens every day and gets worse through out the day

I believe the crank shaft broke and I need to just replace the whole motor.