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Right turn signal is working fine on left turn signal exterior indicators front and rear are flashing fast
Its damage starts after the shifter plate and beyond towards the back end.
smother a little when ac is on but it feels like it wants to turn off
Will it keep it from running?
The passenger side mirror is broken.
The tool light is on everything comes on but the car wont start
Started not shifting right then would go in reverse while in park or drive then just stopped moving won't move at all
started right after replacing it its a consistent wobble my rpm nor mph changes it
After it blew off and shattered on the road while driving on highway 59 in SE Kansas Dec.26, we noticed rust on the seal--moisture must have seeped in over the years. We took it to a car glass shop. They couldn't replace it. We can't drive with a roof, so where/how/who can replace it? And how much will it cost?
I have read that a lot of people have this problem. sounds like possible fuse panel or the headlight relay. please help
please help lol
I first noticed the noise a week ago upon start up and then it got worse upon entering the fwy
the car dives great and in and out of gears good but the noise?
I have a 90 hyundai sport and havent switch out a front wheel drive
I would like to now if it come out from underneith
And do i need to drop the front sub frame
what would cause oily, greasy front wheel hubs
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