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the AC was working fine one day and not the next. the fan just blows hot air. the compressor clutch does not seem to engage. there is no click and no rpm drop
The car was just serviced
I can't find where it is so I can replace it.
Car is off. A/C is off and the automatic heating and air conditioner sensor on the dashboard by the center front window is flashing red.
Had to put Sonata in to send the email.
The shade goes down when the ignition is turned off. However, when putting it in drive it goes up and stay up, making it really hard to see traffic. Help
My car feels like it's going to stall at times when I accelerate. What could be the problem?
I am in need of replacement brakes (front and rear) for my Sonata and I would like to know which is better ceramic or metallic and what is your recommendation.
when key inserted in door alarm goes off. and car will not start lights and horn work still have power..seem like system not acknowledging key.(been using 6 yrs.
I was driving it was running perfect then just died like it ran outta gas. Now it won't start and stay running and there is oil in my intake tube. What do I do?
how is this blub change
Check engine e light suddenly appears after accident

Recent collision on right rear passenger door/quarter panel, gouging right rear tire After collision repair less than 2 miles from Repair Shop...Check Engine light appears

Auto parts ABS Code C1513- Brake Sensor?

Collision Shop> Cam Shaft Sensor

2 Question- Same hand held apparatus- 2 different sensor issues

Is this rare?
Could accident be cause for sensor light activation?

Driving car and it just died; tried to charge battery and it did nothing so bought new battery but it showed in old one that it was fully charged; what could be the problem
I got codes p0102 p0113 p0118 I've changed all 3 and its still in limp mode please help
Problem just stated today
code P0755 shift solenoid B maulfunction
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