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surge, lack of power
Making loud clicking noise in engine. Dies run . Just started doing this.
My brake light stays on and drain my battery this starting happening 2weeks ago. I recently had my oxygen sensory replace.
It makes loud noise whenever car is running .
The car will start but as soon as I accelerate it dies. Replaced the throttle position sensor but that didn't help
Replaced battery, I have full ignition lights , but only a buzz like noise from starter, will not start. We went out to start it today would not start, replaced start
I'm coming up to my 60K maintenance interval. Do I need to (or should) get my Timing Belt replaced? If so, how much does that generally cost?
Unable to get key to turn in ignition. Happened on previous occasion, but was able to turn after several tries. However, after numerous recent attempts unable to turn key and start car.
I know the new year models come out early. But the 2003 make and model has six recalls issued and the 2004 make and model has one recall issued. My Sonata has parts made in 2003. And has issues related to both years. recalls issued on the door handles on 2003.Recalled front end parts on 2004. Recalled rear end parts problems on 2003???? Will the dealership warranty the recalled parts for both years on my 2004??? Interested too here what your thoughts are. Thanks..
When I go to fill my car with gas, the fuel nozzle keeps cutting off the flow of gas. ( Like it's tank is full) I saw a service bulletin from another make of car,suggesting the problem is with a vapor tube that goes from the gas tank to an evaporative emission canister. B4 I lower the gas tank, is this reasonable thing to fix my problem?
my 2012 won't go on overdrive ,you step on the gas rpm goes up like 5k but car accelerates slowly ,I have no engine lights or any other fault lights ,,
any idea of the problem ?
the AC was working fine one day and not the next. the fan just blows hot air. the compressor clutch does not seem to engage. there is no click and no rpm drop
The car was just serviced
I can't find where it is so I can replace it.
Car is off. A/C is off and the automatic heating and air conditioner sensor on the dashboard by the center front window is flashing red.
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