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When I start to drive my car it shows it's in Drive but revs to 5-6 rpm when going into gear like it's wanting me to shift as it would in manual. There is no error or engine lights. Why? What should I do? I do not drive in manual.
cap or leakage in emission system or faulty vent solenoid cleaned fill tube an cap light went out 2 days later but will not reset so they can test it drove it over 500 miles but wont reset any way to get to reset so they can echeck it?
It doesn't sound right when turning it I've.any suggestions
How to test the crankshaft sensor? And what else could cause this?
when i go over 45mph I hear a low humming sound which goes away when I slow down. had my brakes and rotors replaced 1st of August,and mechanic didn't say anything else was wrong. everything I'm reading is saying its the bearings, but shouldn't those have been checked when brakes were done? leaving on a trip in 5 days and am very paranoid about driving, but don't want to show up at mechanic saying I hear a noise and have to pay for something thats not the problem
seat belt is not retracting
The car runs and handles fine however when you go over a bump it really squeaks and groans as if the rubber bushings need greased. What needs replaced?
camshaft,crankshaft,fuse box,fuel pump relay sensor, ignition control module sensor, all new. fuel pump doesn't start and there's no spark. obd2 doesn't connect. may I have an opinion to what the problem may be. thank you.
broken front drivers door handle is broken . it looks the same to me.
ignition control sensor, fuse box, everything is new and still the same problem. fuel pump don't turn on, doesn't send spark to the coil. may I get an opinion.
Water pump impeller rusted apart and clogged radiator exploded. Radiator was replaced and system flused several times. Heat is not available most of the time. Sometimes it works fine. Is it perhaps a faulty heater control?
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