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Also there is a strange white powder film under the hood.
2004 Hyundai Sonata.
Problems with lights: When pressing brake pedal, internal light/dashboard, rear brake, & sidelights turn on.

When turning on the knob to turn on the lights, rear windshield light, rear brake lights & rear sidelights turn on. Additionally, the front foglights & front sidelights turn on but not the general-use/low-beam lights. High-beams work properly when turning the high-beam knob but not the general-use/low-beam lights.

I checked the fuses under the hood & inside the vehicle - everything checked out fine. What is the cause of this problem & what must be done to resolve this issue?
just started today
I have a rattle coming from the belt area. Husband says it sounds to him like a timing chain rattle,but,everything I am reading says they only hear it on start up,mine is there constantly. Any ideas? Should I be concerned? Oil has been changed and the light goes right out upon start up.
There is extensive damage to the front of my Sonata. The hood is damaged showing part of the engine. The car still starts. When it was towed back to my home, I tried to park it more straight in the parking space and it was very hard to steer to the right.
the car shakes a lot, it want's to turn off, it does it some times, the diagnostic said was the coil #1 we put a new one the problem continues, also we change the cables and spark plugs,the spark plug #1 was black that the piston #1 fails also we change the injector, but it didn't work..we test the pressure of the motor and is good as they said was 125.. and we still having the same problem.. the car in the freeway runs good smooth only happens when we stop and go in the street..
pull away it goes back to normal replaced water pump and timing belt problem persists
Car tries to unlock and lock itself while in Park. The alarm does not sound, but lights flash. The Passenger door lock gets hung and will not unlock / lock automatically.
I received code P0340 and bought a camshaft sensor to see if I can replace myself. I don't have the owners manual and can't find a good diagram or description online. Can someone please provide more info, pic, or cost to replace (if I have to take it to the shop)? Rather do it myself if it's simple enough.
the gears are shifting fine and it will move out of park but it is like it is not activating something in between to make the tires move there are no codes popping up either. I drove it and it worked fine parked it stuck the airflow plastic cover on and it just stopped
Steering links were replaced.still made noise. Mechanic said suspension was tight. Nothing loose. Wanted me to replace struts
Front door panel is off trying to change window regulator how do you remove metal panel to get to the window
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