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... Like when you turn the ignition on when the motor is already running. I also hear this noise sometimes when shifting into or out of parking gear (auto). What could be the cause?

this morning i tried the heater for the first time for about 30 mins and then turned it off well 30 mins later its starts overheating but the gauge says its cool and now its leaking coolant

My '04 Sonata fails emissions due to the readiness monitors, specifically the catalyst and the oxygen sensor. It has failed 6 or 7 tests over 3 1/2 months and 4,000 miles of mostly highway driving. I replaced the battery last October and the first failed test came in early November. I've been to 3 shops and called a dealership, and they all give the same advice to "just keep driving and the drive cycle should complete." But no luck so far. The check engine light has never come on, and it drives just fine. Having read what is required for a typical drive cycle, I should have completed many in my normal course.

Prior to replacing the battery, the car would require a jump frequently for things I felt shouldn't drain it. Such as having the hazard lights on less than 10 minutes, or the radio on while parked for about 15 minutes after just driving for about an hour.

Any advice would be appreciated.

My headlights will sometimes stay on even though I have turned the switch to the off position. If I turn the switch to the "auto" position the lights will sometimes go off. There are times when I have to turn the switch in both directions several times before the lights will actually go off. This happens daily. I have had my battery go dead twice because I didn't realize my lights were still on when I left my car during the day. What could be going on??

but it runs great at normal speeds and no noticeable gas mileage change. I change plugs but that didn't change anything. Have any suggestions.

I had the brakes inspected the frist time and they cleaned off the dust and it stopped squeaking for a while. then i had a break repair shop tell me i had 80% pad left so didn't know the problem. What should i do?

i'm having troubles whith the evaporative emission control sistem ,already change purgue valve and vent valve . now sheck engine turns on again . obdll says there's a problem with "vent valve sircuit"

I only have about 80000 miles on this car. Engine sounds and ru s great exct for this. This just started happening

this problem just started yesterday, is it a serious problem?

2yrs ago had problems w/slow starts & acceleration- especially in cold/damp conditions. Replaced PCV, fuel filter & pump, all good for a few wks, but eventually replaced solenoid. All worked great till yesterday- died while driving, won't restart at all. Any ideas as to what it is now?

car sputtering and dying

Recently had crank position sensor and ignition sensors replaced, along with timing and balancer belts. Check engine light was out and had the smog check (CA) done. Passed with flying colors. Next day check engine light came on again with those codes. Back to mechanic tomorrow. Any suggestion on either code fix?

changed plugs, wires, 2 coils, starter, altenator, ignition module, cam and crank sensors

The bulbs behind the fan control and temperature control are burned out.

I had a leak in the radiator that was replaced when they did it they didn't clamp the hose so my transmission fluid came out. It was replaced and the hose tightend, but it continues to jerk and then not want to move in gear.

I am unable to remove the key.

where do I find the purge valve at, keep getting code p0441, have cleaned and replaced gas cap

I have a 99 Sonata GLS, 2.0 6 cyl. I took it to the shop with what I thought was a transmission slipping issue. After several hours of their tech checking every tuneup item (compression, timing, etc.) they said that the front 3 cyl were not firing and that it must be the ECM chip.
I took it to the dealership and they said it's never the ECM but usually a tuneup item. They ran the same checks and 2 days later said it was the ECM. They finally get the right one in and it did not fix the problem. They are at a loss now and consulting with "Hyundai Specialists" which I assume means the manufacturer. I believe he said that the injectors are working on the front now, just not firing.
Anyone seen this?

2009 Hyundai Sonata

Car will not start. Key wont turn in the ignition. Small pieces of metal are falling out of ignition.

2002 hyundai sonata

temperature control knob was turned all the way to cold. when i went to turn it all the way to hot, the knob didnt seem to have any tightness to it was just loose. i took the knob off the shaft. the knob itself is ok, but the shaft the knob pushes into ( the shaft has a spring on it) just spins around. what is the problem. is this an inexpensive fix that can be done by me or do i have to take it to a auto repair shop? will this be a majoe expense?

When I call to get a price I say I need a power steering hose for the high pressure side. Than they ask me if its for the pump or gear???

I changed my altenator charged real good toom it for a test drive and after a few minutes of driving I lose gages no rpm's or speedometer but the car stays runnin I know I have speed sensor out but that shouldnt cause this to happen

I changed my altenator charged real good toom it for a test drive and after a few minutes of driving I lose gages no rpm's or speedometer but the car stays runnin I know I have speed sensor out but that shouldnt cause this to happen

wipers do not return to the rest position the intermitant option is out of time

when you turn wipers off they stop where they are

after installing timing belt on my 2.4 dohc engine. it will not start. sounds good while drag or popping. I got timing mark position for crank and both cams from autozone. agent had problems finding the 2.4. I was told crank to be at tdc and cam marks to to meet each other at a 9oclock and 3oclock position. was this correct or is there some kind of fuel shut off that takes place when a timing belt breaks while driving?