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When I turn the air conditioner on, there's a strange grinding, noise from under the hood. It's pretty loud when the gas engine isn't on. Sounds almost like a small fan that's got a piece of plastic stuck in it & the blades are hitting as they pass by. Is this normal for a hybrid?
Sometimes placing the turn indicator in the first position for approximately five flashes will bounce to the opposite direction and do 2 to 3 flashes
How much it cost the service for the 60000 miles for Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2013?
In trying to pull out from a yield situation I stepped on gas peddle but nothing happened for several seconds and this could easily have turned into a major problem. Has anyone else had this happen and know a solution for it?
I have had my hybrid at the dealer three times in the past two weeks for many different issues they are telling me that the hybrid battery at two bars is normal when I drive the car it hesitates to accelerate, A friend told me that it sounds like the battery is shot, can anybody help me with this please?????
Is there a 'Preventive Maintenance' schedule that can be
followed to lessen these issues we are having? Especially
when the vehicles reach 100,000 miles when the warranty expires, we have 30+ 2012-2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrids in our fleet. We are very afraid that these issues if they come up after the warranty period could possibly bankrupt our new Taxi company in Hawaii? Any suggestions?
How much for 60,000 service
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