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The problem only occurred recently but break lights will not go off. Had to disconnect the battery
Weird issue... did a Google search and nobody seems to have a resolve.
I drove my car through a big flood after a heavy rain and the car engine was covered with water. I used the car for another 2 days after which it has refused to come on again
Randomly looses acceleration, but then picks right back up. Any ideas on where to start? Thanks.
It first blow a couple weeks ago and I replaced it. Yesterday it blew again and I replaced it and it blew again, right away. I have replaced it again today and it hasn't blown yet but I expect it will. What could be causing this problem.?
Driving my car on highway going 85 on cruise control. Cruise shuts off, check engine light is on, engine shuts off, and smoke behind me. Looks like some kind of hose hanging down in front underneath is melted but all my fluids are filled and fine. There is a trail of fluid that came out of my exhaust pipe though.
I need the camshaft torque spec and sequence
The replacement I got lasted 5 months and went out. It also makes a noise when put on recirculate but stops after a few minutes. The blower motor they gave me from the warranty is getting hot very quick, is there a relay switch or something causing this to heat up? There is no noise when it's on vent but the motor still gets hot.
Every morning
Car won't start. Battery changed. Starter changed. It started with a slow start all of a sudden, and I stopped at store, came out and it would not crank. It clicked once, but nothing. All lights worked, but dimmed when trying. Before battery was changed. Now that those things have been changed, it seems like it makes more sound as if it wants to turn over, but won't I've tried the neutral, park cycle crank thing too but it didn't work. I have no idea what to check next. Could it be the alternator, or the ignition switch?
Timing drive belt when to replace
Battery shorted out and car stalled while driving in slow traffic. Nothing worked even brakes only emergency brakes. Local service center said alternator starter were ok battery recharged. Suspect defective electrical wiring
Won't go past 20 mph
My car has a new battery, alternator, and new belts .
These indicator lights come on but don't always stay on. I just bought from dealer and can't show that the lights come on. It's a 2009 hyundai santa fe awd 4Dr 3.3l, but I don't think it has been driven since 2012. Stock #T8558A engine au62 type crw5j161e sequential #70434. Does something need to be reset or do I have a problem. Alberta Canada
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