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But the noise is coming from close to the front of the motor. Someone told me it was the pulley
I have also flushed the transmission with proper fluid and cleaned solenoids could it be anything else other than a bad tranny?
a friend of mine missed some payments on his car Santa Fe and he told me the dealership stopped his car from starting. can they do that? and how do they do that? and is what they did legal?
A friend of mind got behind in payments and he told me the dealership stopped his 2004 Santa fe from starting, can they really do that and how do they do it?

we changed the compressor with a brand new compressor each time the third time the a/c blew cool air for a little while 5 min. and the the compressor made noise and the went out
Vehicle would cut out when it got warm changed sensor it was worn and wires not connecting vehicle still will not start after repair other trouble shooters for code listed purge or vent solenoid defective
Slight hesitation at stops, but not every time. No engine light.
Happens only occasionally. Just this week check engine light came on with code PO711.
Also shows engine code PO711.
Also shows code PO711
inside the car and outside the exuast and smells like a gas odor what can it be?
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