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Almost anytime I stop & am idling but still in drive there is a vibration almost like puffs of air under the seats what causes this & how do we fix it? If I put tne car in park or put emergency break on there is no vibration hhhhhmmmm????
rear wheels were locked, whether forward or reverse selected. I took wheel off, and I could move rotor about 1/2 ", so calipers were not seized.
AWD 2010 Sante Fe. Park Brake was not applied when shutdown before problem occurred.
I cant roll the window back up unless I turn the headlights off. It only happens to the driver side window everything else works fine. What do I do?
s on it now. It also has leak in rack and pinion steering. Is it safe to drive without this problem. Im keeping power steering fluid in it ubtil i can get it repaired
My mechanic suggested replacing the engine, is it worth it, or should I just junk it?
conditioner was told the idle switch may need to be replaced. Cant find it have no idea if that's the problem could you tell me where to look .Problem started when the belt to ac broke changed it the power steering pump sounds like its making noise
Recently my door locks have been malfunctioning... When the lock button on the drivers door is pushed it makes a clicking sound as if it wanted to lock but none of the doors are locking. Also the same thing occurs when the remote lock is used.

Is it worth it on this model? Thank you!
I was told by the Hyundai repair shop that I had a gasket leak and the cost to repair was over $700. I did see an additive that can be added to engine an seals leak for up to five years. Is this true. The problem occurs at all times but I don't see oil under the car but I smell after car shut off.
Had a radiator leak and repaired it. Now it will not shift during moderate acceleration.
Today, I heard that my santa fe had many problems. Hyundai dealer shop ask me to replace radiator, fuel senders, and both front struts. It costs $2,000 so I would like to fix them as possible as I can. Which one can I fix it by myself?
Please give me some advise
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