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Misfire on #5 after clearing fault code and adding Seafoam injector cleaner to tank. Kicking in passing gear causes rear blue oil smoke and code set again for misfire #5. Mitsubishi 2.8 is like that and when one went bad it would smoke the same as this 2.7L eng. Thanks,bob.

Check engine indicator flashes continuously
Diesel high Consumption 12.4 l/100Km
Some times idles with RPM low and consumes lots of smoke if fuel pedal hit

Never happened before

2007 Hyundai 3.3L Rough Idle with jerk motion at stop.. Ok when running. Changed Spark Plugs, just added fuel injection/engine cleaner. Have seen people spending hundreds to thousands of dollars with no real solution. Suggestions are broken hoses, Vacuum leaks, EGR Valve, coils, etc. Any suggestions as to next step All are saying engine code is very vague at best, not truly identifying source of problem. Have not had Engine Light code evaluated yet

i had a new battery installed about the same time.

Most of the time after warming up it will run just fine but once in a while the check engine like comes on but then will go out after a couple of days.

Have some oil leakage around valve cover gasket.

My Santa Fe began having acceleration problems last week. I took it to a shop where they ran the codes and I was told that the front, rear and back rear catalytic converters needed to be replaced. That's a total of 3 catalytic converters. Is that right?

Called a repair service; tech. came and jumped the battery. He said a reset button needs to be engaged after a battery looses it's charge or, it will continue to discharge after charged. Has anyone experienced this? Has anyone had to replace a battery after 2 years?

abs light is on and tcs light is off and 4 wheel dr light is blinking at the same time.. now what

My engine did not stop running even after I removed the keys from the ignition and it continued to run for about 45 minutes, apparently while I was in a store shopping. When I came out of the store I of course noticed that my car was still running even though I had the keys for my car in my pocket. I then had to place keys back in the ignition and turned the ignition to on and then back off, still did not shut off. I then turned the ignition back on to the run position and gave it gas and then back off and was able to shut engine off after that. I noticed at that time after looking at the engine that the top of the radiator was broken off, apparently from engine getting hot from fan not being on for the radiator.

I'm am experiencing in real life quotes as high as 2-3 times what your website says. Ex. is the 60,000 maintenance. One reputable shop quotes $500. and the dealership was $1,600? Unbelievable differences.

and will soon be off warranty. each time this happens there is tremendous canging in the rear. should other parts or whole rear end be replaced

1/8 tank, fill it completely, and the gas gauge drops to E and the low gas light comes on. Took 3 days for gauge to very slowly rise. Now it drops below E and the low gas light comes on when I start it and it should be full about 3/4 or more.......Very frustrating and the mechanic says they can't find anything wrong???????? HELP Please

My drive belt was changed by Hyundai service after telling me it was beginning to crack when I had about 18,000 miles and 2 1/2 years of driving.

Now about 2 1/2 years later and 22000 more miles they recommend the same thing. Change the serpentine drive belt because it is beginning to show cracks. This is NOT the timing belt.

Are they taking me for a ride or do Hyundai drive belts have such a short life span.

Car is driven locally and on highways but has only 41,000 miles and purchased new in September 2007.

Thankyou for any suggestions

Could anybody give me an idea on how much it would cost to have a garage repair the offside tone ring. could I do it myself without having to remove the drive shaft? any advice would be grateful, thanks

Where can i get this part from,i stay in Glasgow city

I replaced the radiator in my Sante Fe yesterday now it will not start

changed timing&balance belts both catalytic converters,fuel pump strainer,coil packs,maf,cam sensor. could it be purge sensor

4 days later the check engine lite has come back on. he said this might happen end might have something to do with the catalytic converter. Does this sound possible? Santa FE has 126,000 miles. If so would it be possible to try and have a used one put on?

rough starting out, hard going up hills

some one wants to buy the car i dont know what to sell it for, I have put over 4000.00 in the car.

The guy who changed my brakes said the pump is $500 but i don't need it, i feel as though if it was there i need it. Does it need to be replaced?

I gave it a tune up and change the ignition coil have not idea what else it could be have any ideas what it could be Larry Lovings thank u

I have a Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 lts engine,shows cam sensor code and after replaced shows the same problem.Engine runs but after 6 or 7 seconds die.If I keep key on starting pos. engine runs for another short period.

Power steering problems. Noisy, hard to turn, leaking fluid. Suggested that I need to replace the power steering gear. 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe with 115,000 miles. Needing to add power steering fluid often to keep the level required.

How do you determine if it is the sensor or wiring ?
Input & output voltages ?

It only started this after I left my windows down and it rained in my car

can't open the rear window

Changed fuel filter and now the car will crank but wont start at all please help