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took 2011 sante fe to auto zone and diagnostic test said transaxle, what does this mean?
its rotting out
The timing belt broke and had someone change it. Now it starts but doesn't want to stay running and has a terrible miss.
When stopping car almost stalls then powers back up. This only happens when heater is on. Noticed funny smell when car turned off and heater fan running.
Sensor lights came on in instrument panel
I've looked everywhere on my girlfriend's 2006 Santa Fe 4wd for the 4wd switch/button/lever and I can't find it.

Can anyone tell me where it is so she can use 4wd?


I have to hold it to the floor to get it to start and then it won't idle for 30 seconds or so,I tried filling it with it running when I got in the car it was running real rough it cleared out shortly after taking off.
Changed plugs,still idles rough,makes popping noise when you give it gas,not the same power it had
Do you have to remove the engine to get clearance? Can the engine be moved towards the driver side wheel to gain clearance.
Suddenly lose power steering and instrument panel lights up like a Xmas tree while driving and also sitting at a stop light car feels like it going to stall out. Car is brand new 1,000 miles I bought car 2 weeks ago and its been in the shop off\on no one can find what the problem is.
I am trying to figure out how many catalytic converters my 2008 santa fe has
had my oil changed and the car has been serviced. there's a vibrations going
on if something is on the seat you can see it shaking. dealer stated maybe the
idle. bring it back in my service costed me 270. what could this ticking noise be and shaking before it take it back.
Oil pressure light came on , is on when I idle and goes out when I acccelerate, on my 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe
Is there a computer update or recall on a 2002 Hyundai Santa fe transmission stuck or slipping an or not engaging while in drive slipping while driving like confused manual shifter
vehicle makes a loud grinding noise when i put it in park or neutral sometimes and now it won"t start but running ok when i parked it
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