Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Questions

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Whenever you start the car and put it in gear the automatic door lock normal engages with a single click. Recently it clicks 4-5 times trrying to lock the door when placed in gear.
I’ve had the engine, transmission, and starter checked and they are all good.
Was driving around 40 mph, and car just switched to 2500 rpm maximum. slow accelerations and won't allow rpm to exceed above mentioned level.
when i stop idle raises to 2000 rpm and drops back down. if i put gear box in neutral while driving it will do the same thing except wont go down to normal idle speed . sometimes i feel like i have all time crise control because it wont go below 1500 rpm when in gear diving.

Loud whine tends to get longer and louder at higher rpm than low rpm(bqrely noticeable)
How do I get the old one out?
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