Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T Questions

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The drivers side seat belt won't latch for almost a week now
unhooked battery in trunk now cant get trunk open
to gears after jump
Where can I find the slave cylinder on my transmission?
My leather on my steering wheel is starting to become distressed. Is there a product I can use to save it from getting worse?
When it gets to about 40-50 degrees or lower, I start to hear creaking from my rear body/suspension. Is this normal?
Do not think the battery is the problem. New oil change which I originally thought was the issue. Problem came out of nowhere; at first engine was taking a bit to start when turning on ignition--than the next day did not start at all.
I just bought this Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T. But I have noticed that when the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is on (normal), as soon as I reach 70 MPH, the engine just acts like it is governed. If I slow down to 60 and accelerate right back up to 70 and nothing past that. Like an old carburetor loading up. But if I manually turn off the ESC, it is fine. and will get up to 90 in no time. From what I am reading in the owners manual, "the ESC is designed to stabilize the vehicle during cornering maneuvers". Is the typical? should the ESC govern my speed while driving on an interstate and NO cornering at all? I would love to hear from someone that has had there 2.0T longer than me.
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