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Clean fuel injectors
Put in a brand new battery car won't start just clicks
failure to accelerate. idles ok and switching off engine and restarting it resets normal activity for variable times. when it happens, i can floor the pedal and while it idles smoothly, nothing happens in park or neutral. articles suggest it is the TPS but no codes appeared during 4 separate episodes.
I am unable to hear any caller on my bluetooth speaker. I have tried to adjust the volume but to no avail
can see colored lines that camera shows when backing up but besides that the screen is black. how do i correct that?
Car not used for 6 months battery died & we replaced. Then registration was due said smog test req, OBD11 diagnostic was run all OK / completed except EGR System. Was told to drive and have done that for 2,000 miles to work and home every day and it still shows EGR System not Completed, everything else checks completed.
What should I do to fix this so I can smog and register the vehicle?
Thank you
I get a "Media Connection Error" each time I use my Apple iPhone and charger. Could it be a compatibility issue or the type of charger b/c it won't charge my phone or play music.
happens intermittingly,reported 3 times to dealer,no problem codes on computer.seems to me to be low gear transmission problem.
Low charge battery
Can feel every bump on the road
Looking for a smoother ride
Checked fuses ans relay fuse. I also loosen fuel line gas press was high seem like fuel injectors not opening
Cd player goes crazy says mechanism error won't play won't,load or eject cds both charger sockets won't work checked fuse, in order charge my phone,I need usb car charger has usb connected at the top of you understand what I,mean
can't get windows to rise until some delay as well adjust mirror
This morning after no issues at all with my car, it will start but not shift out of park and the traction control won't turn in either. I was told by another Genesis owner that it's a brake sensor bad? How do I go about getting this fixed and is there a recall for that on the 2010 3.8 automatic gen coupes? Thanks
I tried to restart it, it backfired then no power from ignition no lights etc. I haven't had any battery problems. Any idea what the problem could be?
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