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Need To Know
My tail light bulbs are out, is it difficult to replace them myself
Trans bangs from time to time, back shift or of. Not sure.
Car won't go in gear
If I push in the OD button, the transmission just slips & the car won't move ! I know there's a solenoid that operates this, but where IS it & how expensive is it ? Thanks !
Hi ,
car work great for almost 4 years.
Yesterday Odometer, tachometer, gas indicator and speedometer stopped working and light engine come on

Saw comments about old Elantras having same issue...
Any advise?
Thank you.
I was merging onto a highway and accelerated rather quickly , almost instantly I heard a sound that sounded like wind flapping a piece of paper in the wind , but louder. I can still hear the sound when driving st speed of 40mph+ with my windows completely up. Occasionally there is a faint metal knocking sound at these speeds also. When driving in the city when I push the gas a little bit and then let off of it my car has a tiny tiny jerk to it, what's going on???? :(((
Still has same problem
when starting my car at times when I place the key in the ignition and turn it some times it will start and some times it will not. more frequently lately and most of the time in the morning
it feels like the transmission is slipping, the car actually throws you forward and backward before dying.
EPS light comes on and steering jammed, turning hard with cranking/squelling noise
When I turn the steering wheel There is a metal clicking sound I checked the inner tie rod's they're fine also the outers are fine
Its usually after it has rained.
Car was used for 50 miles after the new clutch and pressure plate was installed, now the tires will not move had to be dragged onto the wreaker. After sitting for a while will turn for about a Quarter of a mile. What is the problem?
I'm looking to buy it used but haven't read much about the mileage it can take
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