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What seems to make the problem better or worse? Don't drive much 30 miles a month.shift great after 30mph.
How long have you had this problem? Only had car for 20 days

How long have you had this problem? 2 months
Dash lights up- lights fine- just no sound or start!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Jump starts when pushed!
How long have you had this problem? Since yesterday- no clue that it would happen beforehand.
It is making a noise and I think that there is something inside it. I need to remove it.
Park lights never go off plus a problem that just started get ready to go to car it wont start but the lights and everything eles would vome on the all of a sudden nothing but you hear the fuel tge car just wont start get a jump but rhe var stop and wont start again about 2 or 3 days it happen again car wont start its a problem with these cars the 2011-2013 Hyundai Elantra
Tuesday, July 25th, 2017: Today took the 2003 Hyundai Elantra Gt for a ride, the fuse didn't blow, FUSE is intact and perfect. But... the engine light is still on.
New Oxygen Sensor 7/25/2017. Recent new Catalytic Converter also, 3/01/2016.

1) I was also told, 7/25/2017, maybe to take the car on the highway and get the heater wire to get to temperature and the engine light will go out. And or the computer will accept it.....?
2) Get my mechanic friend to turn the engine code off and wait and see if it goes back on. If so change the Oxygen Sensor....?

Recent changes.
1) Replaced original Oxygen sensor 2 days ago, 7/23/2017, and the fuse blew. Replaced fuse.
1A) Recently. 1 month ago, 6/2017, passed emissions test, got tags!!
2) There is a new catalytic converter, replaced 15 months ago.
3) I was told by a certified mechanic after an inspection, that the catalytic converter was turning blue......he said maybe try changing the oxygen sensor for starters. so i did and recently. Rest of inspection was great and no other concerns.

**I need the car for work reasons and until I find another, but if if my problem is fixed, then I'm good.......
**I'm looking for the RepairPal experienced mechanics for quick answers or approvals and ideas.

Thank you ALL!!!
codes showed up for tps and map. Both checked out according to elantra shop manual. idles and starts good. just slow and will pick up speed and will run smooth.
2003 Hyundai Elantra GT 5 door: I had replaced the original Oxygen sensor cable with a NTK brand ($29.00) Oxygen sensor and the [Engine light] went on after the first road test.
1) Do I wait for the engine light to go off after the computer accepts it -or-
2) Buy an OEM or very higher priced Oxygen Sensor?

**I heard the Oxyegn sensor is going to set the engine light on even if it is a Bosch, or good brand.....?
**it took alot of work and BPBlaster to get the rusted heated heat cover off screw/bolts.

Car runs really well, I don't want to place alot more time & money into it and may keep it another 2 years.
I just bought the car and had the alignment checked and it was good. I had the tires rotated and it didn't fix the problem. Not enough to notice while driving with hands on wheel. Should I be worried?
Vibrations sometime occur while driving but erradically. No check engine light on.
speed about 65mph ,no codes runs good otherwise
The dealer told me my car needed a new gel battery for $400 that a regular battery wont run my car. I have never heard of that. Are they just trying to take more money from me?
Elantra GLS. Manual control. Could the climate control filter be the problem
AC does not come on. When blower is turned to high the AC and max lights go off also
I got a tune up and oil change a few months ago cause my check engine light was on. Codes: P0455 and P0563. Car worked fine, then on my way home a few nights later my headlights and radio went out. Car still worked fine but two weeks later, I lost power on my way to work and my car suddenly died on a side street. The lights in the dash dimmed but the car would not start. Help!!!. What parts do I need so I can get back running again. My battery seems good but I wanted to ask before I pay someone to fix it.
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