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Engine light is on and code given refers to EVAP i already replaced gas cap the EVAP and selenoid and nothing
Ongoing problem. Have had hoses, clamps and even radiator replaced and it is fine for a while and then starts leaking again. Will a head gasket or water pump cause these symptoms? Does not overheat. Seems to me that maybe I'm just getting bad hoses or need another clamp somewhere. Tired enough of this to get rid of car.
I replaced both front and rear pads and rotors, recently I found rear pads and rotors are worn than front ones, I check rear brakes and found working, in my mind if brake is hit, the pressure on for wheels should be same, is it possible rear calipers somehow sticking or rear wheels' pressure is less than front wheel? Do I need to repair rear calipers
I tested the current going to button and from button to motor. Everything checked out. I took motor out and watched, as I pushed button, to see if the gear moved when button was pushed. It only worked, when pushed to go up and not, when going down. Is there a way to fix it, if I took the motor apart?
I have taken off the door panel and I can see that the window is off the track and the back regulator is not connected to the window. I tried reconnecting the regulator and putting the window on track and I was able to roll the window up almost perfectly. While I was rolling it up I noticed that the rear end of the window rose faster than the front. Once I tried bringing it down, the front end nosedived, it came off track again, and separated from the back regulator. I think the arms of the regulator might need to be lubricated. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
The car makes a roaring sound when I drive but runs quietly when idle
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