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Cam sensor, crank sensor, coil pack,plugs plug wires,I am at a loss. Someone help please.
car drove fine all day - cluch got hard and soft. Fluid levels are okay
I also replaced plugs and wires it bubbles up and runs hot. Why?
the noise comes and goes but sounds like its coming from under the valve cover. I always make sure its full of oil as it has around 270,000 miles
28in driver sider cv axle is clicking and needs replaced. Parts stores and dealers say 25in is the correct one. What would explain a 28in being used? The center part of the axle is even longer than the replacement 25in. Should I use 25in? What are some reasons if any for the use of 28in and where would I find a 28in? I have searched for cv axle and the longest I have found was 26in compressed.
Okay. To start off, my first problem with this car was my fog/parking lights would no longer shut off. I have to disconnect the battery every night. Well then all of a sudden, one day it wouldn't start. Figured fuel pump. Next day, I tried it and it started right up with no issue and drive fine. Next time, it again wouldn't start. Tried 20 mins later an it started right up. It ran fine at first once started when I had this issue. Then one day my dad got it started and was driving it. The car died out or stalled on the highway and wouldn't start again. Had it towed and got it home and it started right up. So frustrated! My brother and dad think possibly a fuel pump relay? They plan on building some kind if bypass for it? But my friend doesn't think it's the fuel pump relay. He is telling me it's all electrical problems and to get rid of the car asap. But I cannot afford to just junk my car. Please help. I need my car fixed bad.
my 2006 Hyundai tuson just die on the free way with my kid and will not start but is trying I repace the fuel pump that cost 311,00 and still it trys but wont kick over help
Car was running fine a month ago. Installed a new air intake filter, yesterday. Cleaned car, including spraying some water under the hood, which may have affected something. Started car, idled very well, put in gear, applied gas, released coughs and sputters, then dies. Multiple attempts, no go.
on a cold start or if my car sits and idles it sounds like the starter engages. I started my car this morning and it started making a grinding noise so i shut my car off and started it again and it did it again. I started it a third time and it was fine. Any ideas why it would do This? this has been happening for about 3 weeks periodacly
replacing. Estimator not recognizing name "engine mounts".
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