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No sign of leakage, full oil replacement 4 wks ago. Put another litre in to get home. Light still on.
I'm having trouble getting the top mounting bolt out.

What size tools do i need, and where is the spark plug located. Need help asap
The back end "creaks",is noisy when going over rough road/bumps.Its not so much a knocking,but the only way to describe it is an old rust bucket,like the car is VERY OLD..also makes the creaking noise when getting out of the car,like I weighed 200 lbs or something! I don't...It has been doing this for a couple weeks now,someone suggested maybe shock absorbers/ struts.?? I cannot afford costly repairs,so wanted to get an idea of cost and is it something that should be taken care of right away? Also there's some slight knocking / tapping noise coming from the vicinity of the steering column
Mechanic checked/replaced sensor. worked for a short time- now not at all. check engine light is now on all the time.
Any specific details would be great
while driving you can hear a ticking sound.
Repair shop told me they need to replace the "air fuel ratio sensor" at a whopping price of course. But that will only clear the engine light. I need the bigger issue solved. Car seems to be better, not great after driving (or attempting to) after 15 min.
Does this mean that I need to replace the entire motor or can I just replace the barren?
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