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light on now but not before doing timing belt
When I start the car and applied brake before driving. I feel vibration. In engin
Hi, I would like to know why does the air conditioner stays on after turning the car off? There is nothing wrong with the car. It's just that every time I turn the car off, the AC stays on and I have to manually turn it off.
blower speed knob and is therea diagram for it
no change in over heating with new stat, radi. fans work fine Mileage 67k started 2 days ago, check engine lamp lit for 2 weeks before, but no bad symtoms
no change in over heating with new stat, radi. fans work fine Mileage 67k
Takes my car 10 mins to warm up.and evrytime i start it. cars start knocking. oil level.and color is fine but after done warming up sound finally.goes away... Is something wrong or.does it just longer?
I have a check engine light on my parking lights turn on everytime i press the brake pedal or have my headlights on my brake light are on to and when i press down on my accelerator it doesnt respond sometimes. Someone please help me this car driving me nuts explain what i need to do
when going over 10 mph, there is a pumping feeling and noise (which is only heard inside the car) in the brake pedal. I can feel it under my foot. What could cause that? The brakes have been replaced, ABS sensor cleaned and replaced. Brakes work great. No noise is heard from outside the car. Just the pumping feeling in the brake pedal and noise inside.
And they said it was the knock senser is it possible I could repair it my self and reprogram the computer ? And how could I do this?
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