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I have never been educated on a ignition coil use until 2 weeks ago, the dealership replaced #1 coil. Today, an independent shop replaced #2 coil. I know #3 and #4 are coming sooner than I like.

I have put at least $800.00 of work in 2 short months time on this Accent. (Brakes, Transmission flush, 3 new belts) I am now very broke and very discouraged. I am the second owner of this vehicle. For one year, no repairs at suddenly, everything at once. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do for preventative maintenance? Or to prevent the coil from backfiring?
Thanks for your suggestions in advance.
Power steering fluid leak
on--sputterd on e-way in5th--that is when the engine light came on--left work --no problem--drove in 4th gear--car ran smooth--but engine light is still on--starter? frantic--battery?lights are fine--sputters a little when going from 4th to 5th--then car runs fine!!!
When having to stop or slow down before going uphill, my car loses speed. Even when I press the gas pedal to the floor, it will not get passed 40 mph. Otherwise, the car drives great. The check engine light is on, but had it checked out and it is on because of an Emission issue. Does the problem of loses speed going uphill mean I need to replace the transmission ?
the gauge does not work
I have checked fuses
I have verified ther radiator fan is working
the remainder of the dash gauges work
Recently my door locks have been malfunctioning... When the lock button on the drivers door is pushed it makes a clicking sound as if it wanted to lock but none of the doors are locking. Also the same thing occurs when the remote lock is used.

This happens each time I drive my car. I have 268,911 miles on my car.
I've managed to replace my brake light switch it worked fine for a few hours but they came back on, I don't have a check engine light on if that makes a difference and stayed on please help
first time it was just sitting in the driveway with 1/4 tank of gas and started up no problems the next day...second time going through a drive thru and it happened when i was going around a corner (put it in neutral then pushed aside) then started again, once again it was 1/4 tank of gas...the most recent time i had a full tank of gas and i was driving slow in a neighborhood
i had it towed to a hyundai dealership then it started back up again and they couldn't get any codes to show up they even relearned it and after a week and $100 later they still had no answer
Any ideas?
Is it worth it on this model? Thank you!
all the other electrics work fine so don't think its the battery. but when the car won start and my key is not in the ignition I can roll down my electric window?
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