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I'm having unusal tire wear

2009 sante fe manufactured 11/08 is this a early production or late for low beam replacement

price on bcm module for 2008 hyunday veracruz.

when I press on gas it bogs down and sometime as if it's gonna die out

I had two bosch O2 sensors put in my car and neither worked. I was then told that only a Hyundai dealer O2 sensor would work. Well it did for about 6 days. I had the exhaust smoked in case it was not the O2 sensor and maybe an exhaust leak. There was no leak and as far as I know the same code P0133 keeps coming up. This is at AutoZone's test and mechanics full diagnostic test. I'm perplexed and do not want to go back to mechanic without knowing what is going on. Please help!!!! Thanks

popping and wont start. need to check timing marks. help!

I have gears 1, 2, 5, and reverse. When shifting into 3rd and 4th the shifter just flops back and 4th. I followed the 2 cables to the transmission, and if I push down on the piece that they are tied into and move around it falls back into place. then it feels like it is locked into 3rd. Do you think it is the cable? Linkage adjustment? Thank you for your help. It needs to last a little longer to get my son through school.

engine is hard to start once the engine starts it misses for about 10 seconds than it runs normal, it doesn't matter how much fuel the tank has before fueling it. The engine runs great until we fuel up, does not miss at all,this happens every time we fuel up

I have got a hyundai atoz when I start it up its fine when I change gear its fine but when the car is moving it makes a whining noice but when I put my clutch it it seems to go away can some one tell me what it could be please?

I am bringing it to a local Hyundai Dealership this weekend. When the fix it for me, would it be covered under warranty. I have never had a warranty before. Also my last car was 12 years old and didn't have this wonderful TPMS technology. So this is all new to me. Please respond asap. Thanks in advance.

when the car is running or when I am driving. And I was wondering what it might be....

How can I open the hood to chenge the battery or open the doors because now no way to open the door I have the remote control but not effect because the battery

Should this be happening? Doesn't seem to matter if cruise control was used before the engine was turned off; I have never turned off cruise control before turning the car off, thinking c/c automatically goes off if engine is stopped. But cruise control has been on when engine is started again, even days later, for just the last couple of months.

Water pump change? or should I let them do a leak inspection? "This can get costly if not done at the same time"
Pulley kit? New hydronic tension
Already did drive belt
Some do this not that....
one estimate was @1,000 for everything...that was the lowest estimate. Thanks guys!

I've had extensive work done on this car within the past weeks. The steering wheel vibrates when idling and stopped in drive. It does not vibrate when driving or when in park, or neutral. Spark plugs/wires changed, gas tank filter cleaned, fuel pump replaced, fuel cleaner, a senor replaced, can't recall which one, don't have paper with me. After all this the steering wheel still vibrates when I am stopped in drive. Some times it is worse than other times. I am using 92+ octane gas. The vibration is better than before getting all the work done above, but it still has some roughness and can be very irritating. When actually driving, the vibration is not felt, it is very smooth. What else could it be? My 17 year old grandson wants the car and I want to get in in excellent running condition. It will need a paint job because the paint is peeling. The car once belonged to his deceased grandfather so it has some sentiment to him. Every dollar spent so far hasn't fixed the vibration problem. I've put more in repairs than the fair market value, but it is better than a car payment. Help!!!

Lost trans/oil smoked with no warning. Why so.

replaced both timing belts, one was shot, the fuel pump, the water pump. the crankshaft sensor and it still will not start. Any ideas? Are there codes that need to be reset?

while at an idle, car surges fwd in a jerking manner. When you give it some gas the engine shakes and flutters for a few seconds untill about 25mph. After that, the car runs fine. Goes up hills no problem. You wouldn't know anything was wrong. Engine codes states miss fires on all aft cylinders. Previously, nothing was wrong with the car. I figured I'd better get some prevenative maintenance done so I took it to the local shop. Nothing was wrong with the car at this point. Local shop replaced the timing belt and all other serpentine belts, water pump, plugs and wires, radiator flush, tranny flush, valve cover gaskets, 3 coils and a few other regular tune up parts.
Now car will not idle right. All cylinders are at 150 psi. Fuel pressure is what it should be. Mech say's he doesn't know whats wrong with it and has spent to much time trying to diagnose the problem. So the shop gave me back my car. Could the cam shaft on bank #1 be out of time? Or perhaps maybe the idle sensor? Almost forgot, while at low rpms, like an idle, the oil light comes on. It goes away as soon as you give it some gas. Spent close to $2000 for prevenative maintenance and ended up with a car full of problems. Any ideas?

After they finished with it, the car ran but with a rough idle. They don't know how to fix it.

when replacing the heater core do you have to remove the freon or just the antifreeze?

Headlights and horn don't work at all. Also driver's side parking lights and high beam don't work.

look all over the internet and couldn't find anything

ck. engine light at 72,400 miles

I can not get brake fluid to the rear brakes

this car doesn't have speed it doesn't have power the engine makes noise when idling and it takes a lot of fuel. i recently changed the oil, plugs, air filter, oil filter and petrol filter and it didn't solve the problem. i took the cylinder head for scheming, changed rings and gaskerts still no change. it's a fuel injected engine.

was told oxygen sensor needs to be replace but after driving for a while check engine light comes on again. I have changed both oxygen sensors,the spark plugs and wires,the mission/master(not sure of name) coil, and when I take it to Advance Auto to have a diagnosis done,with Actron Autoscanne, it states all the cylinders 1-4 are misfiring and on circiut 1 injector circut higher

the heater take a long time ( about 30 min) to give a medium hot air in the's not enough in a low temperature

I am interested in knowing what the cost should be for the Hyundai 30,000 maintenance check, as I called Toyota and they quoted $209.95 and the Hyundai quoted over $500 dollars, do not know why it would cost that much and when looked on the internet the list of things that are stated that is done for the 30,000 mile maintenance is much more then the dealership stated they were doing for the 30,000 mile maintenance, why would this cost more than any other car when my car is just the cheapest Hyundai you can get, appears to be a scam when you get your car fixed and parts are under warranty and you do not pay, but then they get back at you by quoting over $500.00 ?????

Check engine light came on two days after my wife gave or 07 santa fe a car wash.It has the 2.7L engine. Ipulled the code it's P0441.I check the gas cap it looks fine. I need to know were the evap canister is please and the purge solenoid is.

My wife said the check engine light came on two days after she gave the car a wash.I went to auto zone and they pulled out the trouble code P0441.Gas cap seems fine. So were is the purge solenoid and evap canister on our 2007 hyndai santa fe with a 2.7 L engine?

What to do?