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.Recharged with 134 can/low side gauge.Clutch engaged when started to getting cold,Gage steady at 10(low side) when ac on,went for test and started blowing warm.Checked again: ac on gauge at 0 and at off, upper green on scale at 45.What is this telling me?
Suddenly lose power steering and instrument panel lights up like a Xmas tree while driving and also sitting at a stop light car feels like it going to stall out. Car is brand new 1,000 miles I bought car 2 weeks ago and its been in the shop off\on no one can find what the problem is.
The ESC off light comes on while I am driving. When the light is not on, the car drives fine. Once it comes on, it jumps every time the car switches gears or stops accelerating if my foot is on the gas. Each time I turn the car off, the light goes off, car drives fine and then the light comes back up randomly.i replaced new break light switch still i am getting this issue.i need to fix this issue please help.
I have a 2004 hyundai sonata that had a timing belt and water pump kit replacement. In doing so does the motor mount need to be loosen in order to take out these parts to be replaced? Can they damage that motor mount while doing these repairs?Their wasn't anything wrong with the motor mount till after those repairs were made.
can I take my car to a dealer in my town that is not a Hyundai dealership?
Did we do something wrong
I am trying to figure out how many catalytic converters my 2008 santa fe has
Is it ok to delay oil change by 200 or 300 km
had my oil changed and the car has been serviced. there's a vibrations going
on if something is on the seat you can see it shaking. dealer stated maybe the
idle. bring it back in my service costed me 270. what could this ticking noise be and shaking before it take it back.
if it doesn't start first try it won't let me try again, and it just acts like it is going to start but doesn't actually turn over.
My Daughter bought a 2004 Hyundai Elantra standard shift. The dealership told her that a new clutch was installed. However after purchasing the car she drove less than 50 alms and the clutch failed. Is this a normal occurrence?
How much it cost the service for the 60000 miles for Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2013?
Passenger air bag "Off" light stays on even when there is a full size adult sitting in the passenger seat. This happens intermittently only when passenger sits on a small soft pillow to enhance the comfort of the sitting position in a Tucson leather seat with power controls.
This is a serious safety issue due to airbag is not activated even when someone over 120 lbs is there. Hyundai says this is due to the soft pillow spread out the weight and hence the sensor is not detecting people over 90 lbs is sitting in the chair. I've heard that seat cover may also cause the same issue. It seems like a defect in the design of the weight sensor. Sensors need to detect occupancy whenever more than 90 lbs are in the seat, with or without pillows. I'm sure Hyundai will never hear the end of it if anyone is injured due to the airbag failed to deploy in an accident.

Anyone knows a bypass to have the airbag always on, like the older vehicles?
engine stalls when accelerating and eventually dies...starts back up when cooled down...
Fan works, just not getting cold air
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