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I am unable to hear any caller on my bluetooth speaker. I have tried to adjust the volume but to no avail
I just replaced alternator belt map sensor and belt and it keeps cutting off had a oil change a week ago and new spark plugs. A month ago why is it shutting off
1.6L manual trans. all obd2 monitors are ready except evap
Engine temperature gauge goes high with plenty of coolant in the coolant reservoir? This for Hyundai Sonata 2008.
All the time and I hear water moving from the front of the car to the back as I drive away
Is there a computer update or recall on a 2002 Hyundai Santa fe transmission stuck or slipping an or not engaging while in drive slipping while driving like confused manual shifter
When I start the car it sounds like there's nothing wrong with it then as the car runs for a little while and when your driving it starts to make like a knocking sound that gets louder the longer the cars on. This happens every time the cars on long enough to get hot
vehicle makes a loud grinding noise when i put it in park or neutral sometimes and now it won"t start but running ok when i parked it
Well I jus got a tune up and oil change ,so I dnt kw why it feels like its about to cut off ,my battery is 2yrs.old tho !
Timing belt or chain?
My dad leaves my cars headlight on all night every time he drives the car. When we walk outside we can't see the headlights, but the switch on the inside of the car is still in low beam mode. My car is a 2007 Hyundai Elantra. What effect would this have on my battery? And will my battery die? Also how many times can you recharge a battery before you just need to buy a new one.
2 concerns:

1) I went to start my vehicle and there was am odd electrical noise that comes on a few minutes after the vehicle shuts off. When I started it, the dash said the engine was draining. It seems to be coming from behind the radio/A.C. knob.

2) Additionally after I started it, the steering wheel was making a faint, but noticeable, grinding sound regardless of the direction I turned. I didn't get a notification about low power steering fluid, so what else could it be? Is there any chance these 2 problems are related, considering they began at the same time?

At first it was in automatic and wouldn't accelerate unless it was in manual mode.
All summer I could turn on, nothing in speed two or three but four (full blast worked great and cold) now not blowing at all and makes whirring noise?
I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra it is having a charging problem. The battery is good and I replaced the alternator but it is still doing the same thing. Losing charge and not give me lights for night driving.
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