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I tried all the position of the switch, also tried manually and still not working everything start after a replacement of the trunk light
Timing belt broke, my son has taken the car apart to fix it, however the harmonic balancer is seized on, we can get it off in order to put the new timing belt on. Please advise with ideas, we have tried wd40, impact wrench, crow bar. Nothing. All the parts on the car are original.
I have what looks like a coolant leak(smells like syrup) coming from a hose, going into/coming out from the firewall right behind where the intake tube turns behind the engine. Its about one drop every second and a half. Started after I had opened the throttle from a low gear. Best course of action?
What do I do when I put a new belt on it and it won’t start but it start without The belt on it
on dashboard it says check and has the symbol with it which means malfunction indicator light
My heat doesn't work because my ac light doesnt turn off. How Wilk Ibe Able To Turn My Ac Light Off?
I’ve had the engine, transmission, and starter checked and they are all good.
The front defrost doesn't blow air out but the floor vents and dash vents work just nothing on the window
First, the car is a 2018 Hyundai Sonata, but that was not an option.
The issue is that someone hit the side of my car. There is a line, approximately 11 inches, that need to be repaired or simply painted. I wanted to know if there is a cost for spot painting to match the white color of my car, and if not, an estimate to have the full right side of the car painted. Thanks. Toni
The steering fluid has leaked out and I can’t steer the cra to take it in for repair. Help!
The fob's have been checked good batties,every so often stops working,how do I fix this?
runs ok no leaks found no smoke seen but black soot at tail pipes one quart every 1000 miles
With all 3 major components good, car will not crank. If you sit there and twist the ignition time and time again, being patient in between, it will eventually start right up .
Almost seems like a short somewhere. Where should I start?
HyundI 2002 speedometer is not working when the car is running
Well the problem is i think that when its cold the car dashboard signs comeon all at the same time but at times it happens just a normal weather day, wanted to know what yall could tell me whats wrong.there is no noise
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