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If I have driven my car for a half hour more and I put it in park or shut it off and I try to start it again and drive it will not engage in to drive. It will act like it's in neutral. Would you know why?
the switch to turn on the heat is not working at times on my 2009 hyundai elantra, is it a fuse? a mechanic told me there is a box in the dashboard that could need to be replaced and it could cost almost $300.00 for that alone not including labor?
Check engine light came on and it was a intake manifold error code, replaced both scenor's, and the check engine light still comes on what do you think could be the problem.
Car is running rough check engine light flashing
When turned off check engine light on solid car runs better but when drive a little it starts flashing and car runs rough again?
the remote button for smart tailgate willn't open the tailgate,LCD display doesn't have tailgate in the display,how to add it to display.front button work's
failure to accelerate. idles ok and switching off engine and restarting it resets normal activity for variable times. when it happens, i can floor the pedal and while it idles smoothly, nothing happens in park or neutral. articles suggest it is the TPS but no codes appeared during 4 separate episodes.
after locking doors with remote about 30 seconds later horn sounds and lights flash and tailgate will open,after closing tailgate with tailgate button it shuts and will stay closed,what is the problem?came back form store it was wide did some tests and it does it every time,every thing else seems OK
The rpm was at 2 x1000 so i went to a repair service the the fixed it to 1x1000 then the ac stopped working and those error appeared B1672, B1685, B1686 and B1687. When i erase the error they appear again. I hope to hear from u soon.
Thanks alot.
I have a 2005 hyundai tiburon. Driving home. It lurched forward and died. It cranks over when I hit the key but wont start. Changed fuel pump but still wont start. It's pumping fuel but seems like it's not getting much fuel pressure. I also have the clutch replaced two weeks ago. Can this have anything to do with my car not starting?
I did replace my Hyundai Accent model 2010 interior roof light bulb it works when tested but it went dead again. What can be the problem?
unhooked battery in trunk now cant get trunk open
I tried all the position of the switch, also tried manually and still not working everything start after a replacement of the trunk light
Timing belt broke, my son has taken the car apart to fix it, however the harmonic balancer is seized on, we can get it off in order to put the new timing belt on. Please advise with ideas, we have tried wd40, impact wrench, crow bar. Nothing. All the parts on the car are original.
I have what looks like a coolant leak(smells like syrup) coming from a hose, going into/coming out from the firewall right behind where the intake tube turns behind the engine. Its about one drop every second and a half. Started after I had opened the throttle from a low gear. Best course of action?
What do I do when I put a new belt on it and it won’t start but it start without The belt on it
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