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How difficult is it to replace the starter?

Dual light bulb for both High and low beams. Bulb is very much intact
I don't know at this point what it could possibly be for my low beams not to work.

It just started this afternoon. Is this an indicator to check something else?

Mechanic were working on changing out the AC line and everything stopped working. This happened yesterday after completing an AC job. Car was taken to a sister shop. On the way over car stopped.

Trying to change the transmission filter and can't find it

The seats are leather so when they vibrate and shake the seats rub together and make an annoying sound. I have taken back to the dealership several times and they can't seem to find what is cause this so all they have done is try to fix the sound by putting a conditioner on the leather and putting more insulation in the seats but just the vibration of the seats itself still causes a sound anD when I look in my rear view mirror I can see them shaking really bad. What would cause this happen?

My tail light bulbs are out, is it difficult to replace them myself

The car was just serviced

I can't find where it is so I can replace it.

After I fuel up I always have to pump the gas peddle and turn the key to get it to start. Along with that it won't idle like it should after its starts but will run fine after you start moving.

Car is off. A/C is off and the automatic heating and air conditioner sensor on the dashboard by the center front window is flashing red.

Trans bangs from time to time, back shift or of. Not sure.

Engine seized, only had this vehicle for one month!

Had to put Sonata in to send the email.
The shade goes down when the ignition is turned off. However, when putting it in drive it goes up and stay up, making it really hard to see traffic. Help

The problem only occurred recently but break lights will not go off. Had to disconnect the battery

My car feels like it's going to stall at times when I accelerate. What could be the problem?

what could keep it from starting set timing marks belt tension at specs

Weird issue... did a Google search and nobody seems to have a resolve.

Car won't go in gear

I am in need of replacement brakes (front and rear) for my Sonata and I would like to know which is better ceramic or metallic and what is your recommendation.

If I push in the OD button, the transmission just slips & the car won't move ! I know there's a solenoid that operates this, but where IS it & how expensive is it ? Thanks !

Hi ,
car work great for almost 4 years.
Yesterday Odometer, tachometer, gas indicator and speedometer stopped working and light engine come on

Saw comments about old Elantras having same issue...
Any advise?
Thank you.

2003 Hyundai tiburon v6 gt it runs fine until it hits 200 degrees and then back fires and spits and spudders

whenever I step on the accelerator to increase speed the car will jerk and attempt to stop. after the jerk it will pick up speed

I drove my car through a big flood after a heavy rain and the car engine was covered with water. I used the car for another 2 days after which it has refused to come on again

Randomly looses acceleration, but then picks right back up. Any ideas on where to start? Thanks.

The brake lights still work

can see colored lines that camera shows when backing up but besides that the screen is black. how do i correct that?

I was merging onto a highway and accelerated rather quickly , almost instantly I heard a sound that sounded like wind flapping a piece of paper in the wind , but louder. I can still hear the sound when driving st speed of 40mph+ with my windows completely up. Occasionally there is a faint metal knocking sound at these speeds also. When driving in the city when I push the gas a little bit and then let off of it my car has a tiny tiny jerk to it, what's going on???? :(((

It first blow a couple weeks ago and I replaced it. Yesterday it blew again and I replaced it and it blew again, right away. I have replaced it again today and it hasn't blown yet but I expect it will. What could be causing this problem.?