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cold and hot start problems. got new battery, just cold start almost flattens battery before starting
How to replace window regulator on a 2002 Hyundai Sonata GLS?
Car won't start then the car starts
When i'd try to start i smell of gasoline and the engine never run continuously.
Getting worse. Makes sound when turning and also going straight..
I have new tires.
Won't be able to fix for a week.
Can it still be driven?
I put new gas struts on my trunk it unlatched but we'll not pop up at all on my 2007 Hyundai Sonata trunk can the new sturs be adjusted like a storm door closer
There is a lump on drivers side floor board. It is before the gas petal is that normal.
there is no audio when backing up to say I am close to something and wen blind spot detection does not use audio to worn me.
It happens at the mid to higher rpms in every gear 1-6. When I am driving down the road and shift gears the car accelerates fine at the lower rpms but when the car hits about half the gears range it starts to run higher rpms but goes no fast
The timing belt broke and had someone change it. Now it starts but doesn't want to stay running and has a terrible miss.
sometimes i hear a clicking noise in the front of the car
The lower arm suspension bushing and shocks were replaced as well as the links were also replaced. Nuts and bolts were tightened but after a few kilometer drive the sound came back
When stopping car almost stalls then powers back up. This only happens when heater is on. Noticed funny smell when car turned off and heater fan running.
the overheating, only occur this once, as the radiator hose was broken. when you start the engine it make sound as if the engine is about to knock.
Sometimes placing the turn indicator in the first position for approximately five flashes will bounce to the opposite direction and do 2 to 3 flashes
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