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I need the camshaft torque spec and sequence

when turning and or cornering at normal speeds wither in a neighborhood, parking lot or cruising through town, speed bumps and dips the car with rock and roll more than it should, I can hear what may sound like a compression squeak like the shock and struts have been loosened, there is a vibration that can be felt in the floor boards and in the brake and gas pedal. I know the steering is getting to have more play in it than it should and needs to be purged. but as far as front end stability goes what should I check first knowing the car has 4 new tires....
LIST to check: lower ball joints, shock& struts, front sway/ stabilizer bar, tie rods (inner & outer), rotors & brakes, rebalance tires w/ 4 wheel alignment........

Well it mess up my car

I was driving it was running perfect then just died like it ran outta gas. Now it won't start and stay running and there is oil in my intake tube. What do I do?

it feels like the transmission is slipping, the car actually throws you forward and backward before dying.

The replacement I got lasted 5 months and went out. It also makes a noise when put on recirculate but stops after a few minutes. The blower motor they gave me from the warranty is getting hot very quick, is there a relay switch or something causing this to heat up? There is no noise when it's on vent but the motor still gets hot.

The problem occurs every time I het in the vehicle

Every morning

Car won't start. Battery changed. Starter changed. It started with a slow start all of a sudden, and I stopped at store, came out and it would not crank. It clicked once, but nothing. All lights worked, but dimmed when trying. Before battery was changed. Now that those things have been changed, it seems like it makes more sound as if it wants to turn over, but won't I've tried the neutral, park cycle crank thing too but it didn't work. I have no idea what to check next. Could it be the alternator, or the ignition switch?

how is this blub change

My 05 Hyundai Tucson stalls and jerk while driving I had the crank shift sensor replaced and spark plug and wires and coils and it still jerking what's the problem

The bac door. What can I do.

I can set alarm with remote and hear horn chirp but never see an indicator on dash

EPS light comes on and steering jammed, turning hard with cranking/squelling noise

When I turn the steering wheel There is a metal clicking sound I checked the inner tie rod's they're fine also the outers are fine

Check engine e light suddenly appears after accident

Recent collision on right rear passenger door/quarter panel, gouging right rear tire After collision repair less than 2 miles from Repair Shop...Check Engine light appears

Auto parts ABS Code C1513- Brake Sensor?

Collision Shop> Cam Shaft Sensor

2 Question- Same hand held apparatus- 2 different sensor issues

Is this rare?
Could accident be cause for sensor light activation?

Mileage is slightly better on highways, but 14 mpg on streets.

Timing drive belt when to replace

Battery shorted out and car stalled while driving in slow traffic. Nothing worked even brakes only emergency brakes. Local service center said alternator starter were ok battery recharged. Suspect defective electrical wiring

cigarette lighter just stop working for the first time,

Driving car and it just died; tried to charge battery and it did nothing so bought new battery but it showed in old one that it was fully charged; what could be the problem

I got codes p0102 p0113 p0118 I've changed all 3 and its still in limp mode please help

Won't go past 20 mph

Problem just stated today

What damage can driving cause if told needs valve cover gasket replaced.

code P0755 shift solenoid B maulfunction

My car has a new battery, alternator, and new belts .

These indicator lights come on but don't always stay on. I just bought from dealer and can't show that the lights come on. It's a 2009 hyundai santa fe awd 4Dr 3.3l, but I don't think it has been driven since 2012. Stock #T8558A engine au62 type crw5j161e sequential #70434. Does something need to be reset or do I have a problem. Alberta Canada

Its usually after it has rained.

This is the third time it is leaking.