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My odometer does not work it's just pitch black everything else works fine. How much would that fix be?
When opening garage door
Is iac valve or tp sensor can cause a gear shifting problems
In my Honda vezel recently the smart key battery low warning appears even after replacing the smart key battery. I have replaced it several times but still it appears. I can only start the car by pressing it against the push start button
Freon level is correct compressor replaced with new still air is somewhat cool but not cold what to check next. Honda dealer said needed clutch and coil I replaced entire unit but still not cool enough. compressor is engaging and appears to be working. low pressure side is cool but not cold high pressure side is warm but not hot. you can feel drag on engine when compressor engages.
I replaced the switch and it is still not working. Can it be a fuse or some electrical issue? it did work once when attempting to reset it but failed thereafter.
I drive my car as soon I start driving it the D4 light start flashing all the time
A ticking noise from my 2.4 L Honda Accord motor and you hear it even worse when you first start it when it's cold
The light cames on and off I have to pull over and then drive again Thats the vsa light
Once you scroll through the options, it just comes up as a black screen on the display, when trying to control the volume, change channels, utilize the phone, etc.
I got an oil change but he told me my engine need to be flush
the car is a 2001 honda odyessy, it starts but won,t go more than 20 mph,leaking oil. its blowing oil out of the muffler
My 2005 Honda Civic has been having heating issues. Driving at highway speeds it usually runs at normal operating temperature, sometimes fluctuating higher on longer highway drives. But at slower speeds or idle the engine temp will shoot way up sometimes going all the way past red but will usually drop back down to normal temp with 30-60 seconds of getting it back up and moving. There is no engine light on. I have replaced the thermostat, the coolant temp sensor, and the the fan switch sensor. The fan relay has been swapped and didn’t change the issue. And I know that my fans do turn on, but not sure if they are always turning on when they need to. My coolant reservoir always remains steady, but there my be a leak in the radiator as I have been adding coolant and water to it and it doesn’t
stay full. All the while, the car never seems to lose its steadiness, it never feels like it is driving rough, and nothing is sounds too bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sometimes I go to start my 2014 Honda Civic with key less start and it won't start. I have to keep trying and I have new battery in fob
Every time I open the driver’s side door handle there is a clicking sound - the noise is coming from the handle itself - like a clicking sound when the handle goes back into position
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