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I just bought the pre-owned car so I am not sure how often the problem occurs. It has happened 3 times in 3 days.
Loud noise when car gets up to 55-60-70 MPH. Sound like maybe coming from axel?
I have a 2011 Honda Fit Sport. The driver side door lock is stuck. It won't lock or unlock manually, using the key, or using the auto lock switch. The auto switch will lock and unlock all the other doors and the hatch. The actuator seems to still have power. The lock is just stuck. So it may be the latch, or something else. I'm not particularly mechanically-inclined, so I haven't attempted to take the door apart and investigate myself. Either way, from what I understand, the actuator comes as part of an assembly with the latch and cable. This assembly for the 2011 Fit Sport costs around $240, with no aftermarket available. I have found the part used on eBay for around $50, but only for the 2009 or 2010 model. I can't find the 2011 used anywhere. Will either of these model years, 2009 or 2010, or any other model years, fit the 2011? They all seem to be year specific. Did Honda honestly change the front left driver side actuator-latch assembly each model year? I have been unable to find
Recently I've changed one of the ignition coils.. And my odessey seems to work fine. But feel like not as before. So my question could the other ignition coils be also in bad condition but still works.. Or there is no option in between in which that they either works or not
This problem started to happen about 2 weeks ago after I swapped out my starter it was good for about 3 days then I felt it lose power and then it stalled on me when i came to a stop and i tried to accelerate it shut off like if it choking. Then my check engine light came on so I scanned the code and it came up as a bad mass airflow sensor so I swapped it out but I'm still getting the same problem.
My left headlight won't come on,but the bright will.I changed the bulb and the fuse seems fine,but might it be something in the electrical system.
While moving forward the steering wheel pulls har to the right.
whem im in neutral or park my car does not rough idle but when i put it in drive the car gives a rough idle and drop down about 200 more rpms. when the a/c is on the idle is still rough but it is much better . when im taking off at a red light it give a little hestation and then accelerates fine. when i stomp on the gas the car acclerates but i can notice and feel that its not at full acceleration .i scanned for codes but none are found. Please Help!!
my car whine in reverse it occurs every time it goes in reverse. it make this whining sound when i push the gas paddle or even when i dont push the gas paddle
Bought car yesterday. Guy bought from auction and sole to me. 2001 honda accord ex with 178k miles. He said he would have the inspection sticker on it. Went to registry and she said that is illegal to have inspection prior to register but he already did it.. Drove to work next day and engine light with code P1457 evaporative emission control system leak detected - B. I did get $10.00 gas yesterday but l heard gas cap click several times and light never went on, not until driving home from work today. Help : (
I have 1/16 in. play in my passenger front tire. Is it recommended to replace both tire rods or just the one? I am having to replace both CV joints also. So replace them both while both tires are off?
I see talk of inner and outer cv joints. When buying and replacing cv axle do you have to buy separately or is it all one part. From looks of pictures it looks like it comes with everything needed.
I started noticing my transmission is a little jumping in stop and go traffic. Also if I floor the accelarate form zero to 80, sometimes the transmission gets stuck in four gear too long. I maintain my vehicle, change the ATF fluid every 20,000 miles and engine oil every 5,000 miles. I replace the passenger side engine mount with no effect. I have no service alerts regarding any issue including the shift solenoid. Any ideas what could be happening.
it doesn't look like i have any hook up for it

it appears that the battery may be dead, don't know why. security system lock out?
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