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Happened after replacing shocks, constantly squeaks

Can I take my Honda 2013 Ridgeline into a dealership under the warranty?

It's dead again it morning.

So the other day i rear ended a car and ended up scrathing up the area right under the front left light and dented the part closest to the bottom front of the car. Is there anyway you can tell me how much it will cost to fix all of it

I know how to remove and replace the compressor, I have the parts, the tools, and I know that the compressor is the issue 100%,I'm just having trouble getting it out, the last time I had to take it out I had to remove many parts and it took a lot of work and time. If someone knows an easier way to get it out please let me know, or even a video link would help, I have done many searches with no results, all help is appreciated, thank you.

The Honda mechanic said 40-50% of timing belt replacement or water pump replacement will result in rear main bearing seal leak.

Accompanying noise is similar to a fire extinguisher and a kind of intermittent squeal. Truck has 100K this has not happened before today. A/C has been working fine.

lost power steering briefly, saw battery light come on then off. Help!

I replaced fuse in the #5 spot under the hood, still outlets do not work

My ridgeline has 134,000 and I noticed a ticking sound coming from the passenger side on the motor I've looked into this ticking and I have found people saying it could be somthing with the timing belt what should I go after and replace first? And what would exactly be causing this ticking noise because it's really annoying and makes me worry

When it gets above 80 degrees the ac starts blowing hot air

Check engine light stays on and computer code P0420 shows up on EM test!

Won't pass emotions and inside lights stay on.

after wiring a trailer and hooking it to my truck. it blew
two 7.5 fuses. Then the check emission system and vtm-4 indicators lights came on Why want they go off. replace
the 7.5 fuses, trailer lights are working properly

My Honda service center technicians have given me two different answers:
1) You should change the timing belt at 60k to avoid engine replacement.
2) I've worked here eleven years and only seen six Ridgeline belt failures.

I originally heard a knock in my front end, replaced the stabilizer bars with mooge (sp) bars because they were supposed to be the best. They only lasted a month! Brought the truck to the Honda dealer, they put on Honda stabilizer bars and could find nothing else wrong with the front end... Its only been 5 weeks and they failed again. I'm out $450 and can not afford this every month. I don't go off reading, only drive 5 miles to work everyday. Someone please suggest something because no one can tell me what is causing this. PS I baby my truck and have it check over often. My whole front suspension I have been told by three different people is in great shape including the dealer. Th dealer is going to warranty this, but can't guarantee they will the next time they go out.

Then the security starts the horn honking. Then it's back to normal till I drive for a while and go to turn the motor off. It didn't start doing this til I changed the battery.

When my headlights are on the backlight on my radio turn off and when I turn off my headlights the back lights on the radio turn on. Anyone know what is causing this??

The dial is set to warmer than outside air. The blower still blows but won't blow warm/hot air not matter the "mode". Just started a week ago. What should I check? Any easy fixes other than pulling the dash apart? Not sure where the servo is that opens the warm air flow for the cab. I keep it turned off during the cooler weather but need to get it fixed before winter sets in.


when it is not working the odometer and cruise still work. when coming to a stop i can hear a faint clicking coming from under the dash and then it usually starts working but sometimes goes for days before it starts working again. any ideas were to start looking?

I purchased a new 2012 Honda Ridgeline and I am the only driver. It has just under 30,000 miles and I was due for oil change so I also had the 30k service done. Before the service I started feeling a slight vibration when braking; like the front rotors might be slightly warped. The Honda dealer service dept. checked and told me the rotors were warped and could be turned. The brake pads were still in very good condition so there wasn't a safety issue. I asked how the rotors could be warped so soon and was told they see this happen even at less mileage and is usually due to driving habits. Also said it is caused by excessive heat. Most of the 30k miles were highway and country roads. Only recently have I started driving to a new job where I'm in "aggressive" driving conditions where I might be going 70mph and then need to slow down quickly. A couple of times I've needed to break hard; but not lock your brakes hard. So I guess I'm wondering if just a few hard braking incidents could cause my brakes to warp? I'm also curious if others have seen this with their Ridgelines or other Honda models. It just seems to me that the rotors shouldn't warp this quickly and if there is a problem with excessive heat, is there another type of brake pad that will not produce as much heat in mostly "normal" driving conditions. Thanks!

and also my door lock won't lock can you please help me