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Read Mech Error message when tried to play cd
ac blows hot air and then cools at times
I want to replace the mapping system in the dash and install instead a telephone system similar to my 2014 CR-V
where is the fuse for the navigation system located? My screen is blank and not turning on
3rd clutch transmission fluid pressure
Also the remote door does not work ether
everything is working fine just the maintence minder went out and have to get cluster replaced, I cant affort alternator to, it starts fine
My nav system disc is missing, so the nav system doesn't work either. Does this have anything to do with the CD player not working?
Sounds like a lifter or valve tap. No check engine light. Runs fine except for noise.
I just installed an OEM cd player, and now it won't start. Everything else works. I've waited overnight, and it still won't start. Please don't tell me I have to take it to the dealer here in Daytona Beach FL, because they are the WORST! Thanks, Tom
the car runs fine only has 80,000 miles on it. they say it will be over $800. Is this really a maintenance item that just needs to be done?
After replacing fuses still no headlights. Been snowing a lot and lots of snow/ice buildup under carriage. What should I look for now?
security system light on driver door lock not on-push buton lock on driver door only works when car running- key fob will program but not function
I've been driving the 2008 Ridgeline for 8 years in Dallas. No off-road or towing. Light hauling on local roads and freeways. I want to buy a new 2017 model. Will I notice a difference if I buy the less expensive 2-wheel drive model?
a/c clutch would not engage replaced relay and worked fine but engine light came on. What could be the cause.
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