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how do i prevent from happening again
Car still won't start I have replaced almost everything car wants to start do bad and almost does but won't what else can I do?
just changed timing belts. engine runs smooth up to when vtec power should kick in. ran normal before belt change. brand new plugs turning sooty in one day.
need the codes to reinstall also how to install
I just replaced the brake light switch but still they stay on and now make a pinging sound anyone know how to fix this
I just replaced the brake light switch
So, I went to start my car this morning. It started literally squeeling like a pig. I noticed a smell, so i turned it off. My daughter said your cars smoking mom. I just thought it was because it was cold. I turned the car back on. The battery light is now on, but the car is on. just idling rough. i sit there for about ten minutes you know thinking it just needed to warm up. The heat and everything worked in it. Then, it just died, but the heat and everything was still on. The key would turn over, but not crank. My dad says it's the alt, but im not so sure. i told him it was doing the squeeling sound when i started it about six months ago, and he said nothing was wrong with it. it has been riding rough for the past month.
Feels like there is no resistence behind the button.
Driving down the road the engine just dies out of nowhere.I have 2 lights on my dash 1 being check engine (error says o2 sensor) , 2 is my ATTS. Now I don't believe that they are related. When the engine dies my car does'nt have power to the radio, dash or no power to my brakes or power steering. I tryed to pop the clutch while coasting after it dies, nothing happens. I will turn the key to start it again I will get the noise like the car is running and hearing the starter grinding. I try turing the key a few times in about 5 or 10 seconds later, it runs like nothing happened and drive normally.their is no hesitation in the engine or bog when it starts back up. The only thing I can think of is an ignition switch.
Any input in this problem will help.
I have a 99 prelude with 183000 miles. 5 speed. I bought it new and have driven it daily for almost 15 years. A couple of weeks ago it wouldn't crank and my mechanic ( who I trust ) says the heads have collapsed, it's not getting nearly enough compression and needs a new motor.

I don't mind spending $1500 to $2k on it but my fear is that it will never be right again. I adore the car. Is a new motor really my only option and if so how likely is it that a mechanic not specializing in Hondas will be able to successfully replace the motor? I've been told the prelude is very hard to repair this way. I'm dieing to keep the car but don't want to waste thousands and still not have a reliable car.
How do I stop it? And I can't lock my doors cus th car thinks I have a key in it!
I tested solenoid it has 16 ohms resistance an seems to be clicking good when I apply 12 volts
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