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My check engine light comes on, it has code 43 for obd i, the car hesitates, backfires, misfires, and wants to die when i accelerate but is fine when in neutral and i rev the engine, it will go after 30 seconds, but acts like it wasn't getting any fuel and I have 1 dry spark plug. I also have oil leaking from my distributor cap.
i changed the MAP sensor and the TPS sensor and cleaned the air intake valve
My prelude has an F22b1 and it sputters when i accelerate and aswell as loss of power accelerating. It also stalls due to low rpms when i stop at a light or sign. Just changed spark plugs and distributor cap idk whats wrong
I've seen ads for OBD interface diagnostic tools. I'm tired of paying mechanics for diagnostics. There are so many to choose from! Any suggestions?
Car runs rich, surges at idle until warm
I just bought it. the first codes it pulled wereP0170,P0172, and P0175. I cleaned the MAP sensor and ran a can of fuel injector cleaner through it and cleared the codes. About 400 miles later the 1070 and 1072 codes came back. It also surges at idle while it is warming up. It seems sluggish during acceleration until about 3000 RPM then clears up and takes off. Any idea of where to start??
What is this caused by and how much is the repair?
there is oil leaking around the seal on top of the engine
It has fire and gas but not starting when I hold the petal to the floor it hits what could be my problem
The ignition will turn with the key but its acting like it has no battery power to it. When the key is turned off, the steering wheel stays unlocked and turns. It won't even roll start. I've been told it could be the switch, or the lock cylinder, or the harness could be bad. can someone please tell me which it is or what it really is? Thanks.
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